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Our Story

Hunting and Fishing Depot was a vision of two guys who set out to make it their life passion. This vision began in Charleston, South Carolina and has evolved over the last three years. Their was a need to provide the hunting and fishing community with exceptional products from some of the biggest companies and also the lesser known companies. 

It wasn't until moving to Jacksonville, Florida, that the idea of Hunting and Fishing Depot became a reality. At HF Depot we always strive to bring you the best hunting and fishing equipment on the market when you need it most. HF Depot is the ultimate one-stop shop for all your hunting and fishing needs. It is our goal at HF Depot to unify the fishing and hunting industry and bring to you a store where you can find anything you need for your next outdoors adventure at the best prices on the internet. We have plenty of items for you to choose from with reviews and competitive prices. We specialize in small business items that may be hard to find in retail stores. We know these items are still important to you and want to create an easy shopping experience for you at

Hunting and Fishing Depot was founded on one principal and that is to provide the best customer service on the internet. We do everything in our power to make sure the customer is happy and receives a quality item. A happy customer will always catch more fish or limit our while hunting. It is this goal that drives us in everything we do. We are some much more than just a hunting and fishing shop. We have established a strong social media presence and have developed some great communities along the way. Its this community that drives us to keep expanding and gives us the passion to help aid you in your next outdoor adventure.



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