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Triple Bypass 3-Reed Turkey Mouth Call

$ 10.99

The Triple Bypass 3-reed turkey mouth call is a V-cut with the right side cutaway

The Triple Bypass turkey mouth call is an incredible 3-reed call. Starting out with a V cut on the top reed with the right cut away this mouth call is deadly in the woods. The Triple Bypass is made from super-thin latex making it a very easy call to blow. This mouth call from Legacy Calls has the ability to make all the purest hen turkey sounds in the woods. Hand stretched and hand-pressed this call is a must-have for hardcore turkey chasers. The Triple Bypass is a great cutting call with pure loud or soft yelps on the back end. This call can get loud to reach gobblers on windy days or it can tone down to whisper to them on spooky days.

Triple Bypass 3-reed Turkey Mouth Call Specs:

  • 3-reed
  • v-cut with right side cutaway
  • thin latex
  • easy to blow
  • custom cut
  • versatile call
  • top seller

The Triple bypass 3-reed turkey mouth call is a deadly call that every serious turkey hunter needs.



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