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Lone Hen Turkey Mouth Call

$ 10.99

The Lone Hen turkey mouth call is perfect for clucks and purrs.  

The Original Lone Hen is one of the easiest cluck and purr calls on the market.  With 2 layers of thin latex, it allows for soft pure tones that sound like a young hen.  The batwing shape allows for whistles and clucks.  A soft yelp on the back end flows easily with this diaphragm call by Legacy Calls.

The Lone Hen is a must-have call when hunting in thick underbrush and you need to coax that weary tom real close to get a shot.  Use this call during the early season on calm days when birds are hanging up.

Lone Hen Mouth Call Specs:

  • 2-reeds
  • Batwing cut
  • easy blow
  • clucks and purrs
  • soft yelp
  • young hen sounds

Get your Original Lone Hen turkey mouth call today and be ready for your next turkey hunting trip.



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