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Leading Lady 4-Reed Turkey Mouth Call

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The Leading Lady 4-reed V cut Turkey Mouth Call From Legacy Calls is a Turkey Hunters favorite

The Leading Lady V cut mouth call has 4 thin layers of latex for a boss hen tone. The V cut allows for a pure yelp and a very sharp crisp cut.  Expert callers can also kee kee and purr on this call.  The V cut allows for some rasp when used correctly.  The Leading Lady can get loud and soft depending on the situation needed.  The yelp on this call sounds just like that old boss hen that the gobbler will trust.  Great for weary birds and late-season pressured gobblers.  This call is a very popular call and a favorite of many old-time turkey chasers.

Leading Lady Turkey Mouth Call Specs:

  • 4-Reed
  • V-Cut
  • Most Popular Call
  • Boss Hen Tone
  • Versatile Call
  • Thin Latex

Get the Leading Lady 4-reed turkey mouth call that features a V-cut perfect for calling in turkey on opening day.



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