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Woo Flair Hawk Snook Jig

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The Woo Flair Hawk Jig Is The Best Snook Jig On The Market.

Our woo flair hawk snook jig is the best jigs for snook that anglers are using while snook fishing. It will leave you catching more fish and saying "woo" with excitement. Our flair hawk jigs come in a variety of painted heads with a matching skirt for the ultimate color combination for catching fish. These snook jigs are guaranteed to attract more fish and present a natural profile in the water. Each snook jig comes in a variety of sizes that will be perfect for any type of fishing you may be doing. Our flair hawk jig heads come in a variety of different weights perfect for any type of conditions you may be fishing.

How to use a flair hawk jig

One of the best feelings in the world is hooking up with a monster fish whether it be a tarpon or a snook. The sound and feel of the drag taking line is something all anglers should experience at one point in their lives. Knowing where to go fish and how to use the flair hawk jig is critical to catching big fish. The biggest snook fish are caught in areas like under bridges, off the beach, narrow channel passes, piers, jetties and of course fishing mangroves from a boat. One of the best techniques to fish is using a bucktail jig or some type of artificial bait. Jigging for snook is the technique when fishing with flair hawk jigs. These types of jigs present beautiful in the water with their nylon skirts creating the appearance of bait fish darting in the water. This type of fishing can be mastered by any angler and will provide fishermen with more strikes and better hook ups.

Bucktail Jig Fishing Snook

One thing we brag about with our woo flair hawk jigs is they are 100% made in the USA out of Florida by anglers for anglers. At Hunting and Fishing Depot we understand this value which is why we are trusted time and time again. Why use someing that is cheap and not durable and risk losing your next trophy fish. The woo snook jigs are the most durable jig on the market and will withstand the bite from the biggest of fish.

Woo Flair Hawk Jig Specs:

  • Jig Head Style: Aspirin jighead
  • Skirt: Nylon Flair Skirt
  • Jig Head Material: Lead
  • Eyes: 3D Eyes
  • Weights: 1oz, 2oz, and 3oz

WARNING: This product can expose you to lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

Make sure to pick up your woo flair hawk snook jig today and be ready for your next fishing trip. We guarantee you will be a repeat customer when using our jigs. Fish with the best and start filling coolers with more fish when using our flair hawk jig.



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