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The True-Grit: GP Calls

$ 115.00

The True-Grit Duck Call From GP Calls

When waterfowl hunting you need the best call on the market. The pitch and sound that a duck can hear can determine whether or not a duke will fly into your spread. GP Calls knows this because of their years of running a guide business. They came up with the True-grit call, a single reed call that is perfect for all waterfowl hunters. Its experience leave is easy making it a call anyone can pick up and use. 

The best marsh hunting and open water hunting call on the market. The True-Grit duck hunting call from GP Calls is a single reed call that is designed to create a big bore for loud calling, as well as a lot of range through the tone scale. This call will produce the best feed chatter as well as a low-end hold for finishing ducks. This call will be one of the easiest to use in your call arsenal. 

Add the true-grit call to your arsenal today and watch the number of ducks you call in increase every trip. If you are tired of getting our hunted from your friends, then add this call to your lanyard and start learning how to call with it. It is sure to change the way you duck hunt. This call comes in a variety of colors that include: black, ivory, bourbon, green orange, orange and potomic ice. This call comes with a custom adjustable soundboard that is perfect for the waterfowl hunter to adjust its sound. It has been said that this call gives you the versatility of using a single reed call but the ease of a double reed. No matter what kind of ducks you hunt always have a GP Call on the lanyard.

If You Need A New Duck Call Then The True-Grit Call From GP Calls Could Be What You Need!



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