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Sheepshead Jigs

Sheepshead Jigs Are the Perfect Jig Heads When Sheepshead Fishing

One of the best inshore species of fish to target is the sheepshead or convict fish. They are prized for their delicious meat and always a challenge to catch due to their bony mouths. Hunting and Fishing Depot has perfected the ultimate swing jig that sheepshead cannot resist. Sheepshead Jigs are the perfect jig head for sheepshead because when you fish them, the bait stays vertical. Sheepshead when feeding turns their head which allows for anglers to hook them in the side of their mouths. That is the softest spot of their mouth. Since sheepshead jigs perform better than almost all other jig heads, they are perfect for vertical jigging. Sheephead jigs are available in different sizes that range from 1/4oz to 1oz. This allows anglers to chose their size when sheepshead fishing according to depths and currents. Many anglers who fish with sheepshead jigs prefer a jig head weight of 1/2oz or 1oz.

Sheepshead jigs come in a variety of different colors. The ones that work the best often resemble the sheepshead bait they are feeding on. One type of bait that sheepshead cannot resist is fiddler crabs. Fiddler crabs work will on sheepshead jigs making for one deadly sheepshead fishing jig head. Other sheepshead baits that work well on sheepshead jigs are mussels, clams, shrimp and other crabs. Sheepshead jigs have been known to catch sheepshead with the jig by itself, especially when chumming. Sheepshead jigs are the one jig head every angler needs in their tackle box. Sheepshead are known as convict fish for a reason, we have done our research and have the ultimate sheepshead jig to help every angler increase their hook ratio with sheepshead.

Shop all of our sheepshead jigs and find the perfect jig head for your next sheepshead fishing trip.



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