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Pompano Jig

The Pompano Jig, when mastered, can be the most effective way to target these great tasting fish.

  • Multiple styles
  • Goofy or wacky, Bucktail, and Jigger fleas
  • with or without teasers
  • 1/4oz up to 1oz
  • The most popular colors to choose from
  • Perfect for beach and inlet fishing

The Pompano jig is the go-to lure for anglers who target pompano from beaches and inlets. These colorful lead jigs are perfect for fishing the surf of Florida to Texas, and all the way up the east coast. They perfectly mimic a sand flea jigging up off the bottom then falling back. The  fish will generally hit on the descent or right when it hits the bottom. The ultimate pompano lure comes in a variety of different styles, shapes, and sizes. Some styles come in a natural color that is close to the sand flea. These colors include yellow, green, orange, and white. Two-tone colors or candy is a great option and one that anglers will usually catch fish with. Several styles include doc's goofy or wacky, with teasers, skirted, or jigger flea style.

The original goofy or wacky style is a banana jig that is long and flat. It is made of lead and serves the purpose of mimicking a sand flea as it is pulled across the sand or mud. They come in a variety of different weights that ranges from 1/4oz to 1 oz. Many anglers prefer to fish these in the surf and have found great success when jigging for pompano. An option with them is to add a teaser that makes them more flashy and another hook to increase hookups. You will find them available in a variety of different colors, from sand fleas colors to bright fluorescent colors. This is known to many pompano gurus as the best lure available for surf pompano.

Bucktail style for pompano is a small jig head that is tied with short colored bucktail. These are a favorite of old school surf fishermen and will get hits from many more inshore species of fish as well. Many anglers will choose to tip them with bait. The bait of choice is shrimp, but I have seen squid, sand fleas, and other crabs on the hook of the jig. Different species of fish that often will hit a pompano lures  are moonfish, permit,  jacks, ladyfish, snook, and tarpon.

***PRO TIP- put a small piece of squid, shrimp, or fishbite on the hook for added scent. 

Find your next favorite pompano jig today and be ready for your next surf fishing trip. Remember when jigging for Pompano, they will strike during the fall or right when it hits the bottom so timing for hook sets are crucial.