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Legacy Premium Game Calls

Legacy Premium Game Calls Is The Premier Turkey Call Hunters Use

Legacy Premium Game Calls is a proven turkey call company based out of South Carolina.  Trial and error are what helped with designing and perfecting this brand of turkey mouth calls.  The Terry family has been producing mouth calls for years in the low country of South Carolina.  With years of turkey hunting experience, William Terry designed turkey calls that have allowed turkey hunters to produce pure and crisp tones to bring that old tom running.  Legacy Calls specializes in making locater calls, turkey mouth calls, slate calls, and box calls. 

Turkey Mouth Call

Legacy premium game calls build the best turkey mouth with only the best materials and hand-stretched latex for maximum performance.  Made with latex layers Legacy Mouth Calls are cut and trimmed in different styles.  They have perfected the Split V, Batwing, straight cut, 2-reed, 3-reed, and many more styles.  They are perfect for enticing a gobbler to come those last few steps to get a perfect shot.

Turkey Slate Call

Legacy Calls makes some of the best slate turkey call scratchers as well.  They have crafted their pot calls with custom wood strikers that can produce any sound that a hen can make.  With 6 different styles, you can choose from crystal, slate, or aluminum surfaces.  Your new favorite slate call will be from legacy calls this year. 

Turkey Box Call

Legacy makes three different turkey call box that produces unique sounds that can strike up birds.  Any one of these calls is the best turkey box call for windy days when you need to get loud and throw yelps around.  A very loud pure sound comes from these handmade box calls, so get yours today.

Turkey Locator Call

The last type of turkey calls that Legacy calls make is a great owl call that will allow you to locate birds early in the morning.  Then when the sun gets up in the afternoon, a crow call can be very beneficial to locate a bird.  

Get your Legacy calls from before this season and have the real advantage.  These hand-built turkey calls ensure that you can produce fantastic turkey sounds whether your a beginner or a seasoned pro.  Make sure to get your Legacy Premium Game calls today and be ready for your next turkey hunting trip.



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