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Jig Heads

Use Our Jig Heads For All Different Kinds Of Fishing Or Make Custom Jigs 

Jig heads are an essential fishing lure for anglers who fish with artificial baits. The proper jig can be the determining factor on whether a fish bites or ignores your bait. Many companies now days have made it their mission to find the perfect jig head. At Hunting and Fishing Depot we realized how vital jig heads are and made it one of our missions to have as many different types of jigs possible. This way you will always find what you are looking for no matter what species of fish you are targeting. We did not stop there; we also offer custom jig heads so you can get exactly what you want. If you enjoy tying your own jigs and customizing your own jigs for specific applications, this is the store for you.  All of our jig heads can come in different sizes, styles, and colors.  From cobia jigs, bass jigs, inshore jigs to crappie jigs, find the jig heads you need to catch the fish you want.

We try to set us apart from all the other jig makers on the market. One way we do this is by having a selection of jig heads that are unique.  Our inshore jigs are an example of this. We have over five different styles of jig heads for all applications of inshore fishing.  The sparky style is the most popular to use with live bait in saltwater.  They come in over 25 different colors, and you can mix and match.  Try our minnow jig head, upright jig head, and even our cannonball jig head.  Paint your own or pick from one of our many colors. Get stocked today and catch more fish with our jigs.

Shop our selection of jig heads today and find exactly what you need for your next fishing trip.



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