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Hack Saw 4-Reed Batwing Turkey Call

$ 10.99

The Hack Saw 4-Reed Batwing Turkey Mouth Call has a unique hen turkey sound.

The Hack Saw 4-reed batwing was designed to have a completely different sound than any other turkey mouth call.  Designed by William at Legacy Calls this Batwing style call has a half-moon cut on the bottom latex reed giving it a half reed pitch between any other call on the market.  This mouth call is able to make all the calls in a normal batwing with a different cadence perfect for fooling late-season gobblers.  The Hack Saw can be trimmed to fit most hunter's mouths allowing for no air leaks and easy blowing.

Hack Saw 4-Reed Batwing Specs:

  • 4-Reed
  • Ultra-thin Latex 
  • Batwing Cut
  • Special Sound
  • Experienced Callers
  • Great for Late Season
  • Pure Hen Sound

The Hack Saw 4-reed batwing is a great call when that stubborn gobbler won't answer during the late season of turkey hunting.



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