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Fluorocarbon Leader Line

Fluorocarbon leader line is the absolute best terminal leader and topshot for every angler.

Most of the time fishermen don't agree on anything, except what leader type to use.  Fluoro leader can be used after a swivel or tied directly to braided line, mono fishing line, and even smaller fluoro line using one of several unique knots.  A few simple design characteristics make fluorocarbon the best choice for all fishermen.

What makes this leader better?

  • Abrasion resistant
  • Increased sensitivity
  • absorbs light making it near invisible
  • does not absorb water
  • smaller diameter
  • Catch more and bigger fish!

Hunting and Fishing Depot has a selection of both freshwater and saltwater designed spools of leaders. We aim to help keep your equipment resistant to fraying and breaking from structure, rocks, and teeth of hooked fish with our super abrasion resistant fluoro. The smaller diameter of it compared to mono allows for longer casting and less of an visibility imprint to big trophy fish.  This line absorbs light instead of reflecting it which means the fish will not see anything shiny in front of your hook or lure.  These characteristics make it the best leader material.  Here at HFDepot choose between Seaworx Fishing Gear and Vicious Fishing lines. They are both great options and we use both during tournaments consistently with great results.

A fluoro fishing leader is something all anglers should use. It increases the sensitivity with a more controlled stretching which leads to better hookups. No matter the type of fishing you are doing, whether it be bottom fishing, jigging or trolling, having a reliable leader line gives you confidence in your fishing rigs. HFDepot sells all different strengths from 10lbs  up to 200lb test.

Make your one-stop-shop for fluorocarbon leader line for your next fishing trip.



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