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Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Fluorocarbon Fishing Line is a synthetic line almost invisible to fish!

 The fluorocarbon fishing line was brought to the market originally for saltwater fishing. They were crafted into the saltwater leader line perfect for trolling. It is almost invisible in the water and is a lot thicker and stronger than traditional monofilament line. This sort of fishing line was always priced a lot more than other lines. The reason the fluoro line has made its way into mainstream fishing is because of how well it holds up. In water, fluorocarbon has a near invisibility profile. Compared to monofilament line stretches more at a higher force. It is because of this that it made such great leader line for perfect hook sets. Fluorocarbon lines do not absorb UV light like mono making them last longer. It is made up of both synthetic and organic components. It is stronger and more heavy than the traditional monofilament. No matter what you love fishing with you will enjoy fishing with fluoro line. Hunting and Fishing Depot sells a variety of different brands like vicious fishing line and seaworx fishing gear which feature their products in leader spools, filler spools, and bulk spools.

Get your fluorocarbon fishing line today and be ready for your next fishing trip



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