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Fishing Rods

Fishing Rods & Fishing Poles

Fishing rods are an essential piece of fishing equipment that is used by all anglers. They are used in combo with a fishing reel to help control the fishing line and add resistance needed to help tire fish. Rods come in a variety of shapes and sizes that range from 12 inches up to a 13-foot rod or bigger. Many anglers will get custom-built rods to cater to their specific needs for specialized uses. Fishing poles have been used for thousands of years and have evolved into a modern-day work of art. In the beginning, many different styles of rods were made out of different kinds of materials. Many of the old poles were constructed from wood or bamboo. As rod evolution continues, we see synthetic materials being used. These new-age materials allow for the pole to be more flexible for landing big fish. Many of the rod manufacturing companies are constructing their new rods from components like fiberglass, graphite, or carbon fiber. This only increases the rod's strength, durability, and pole weight.

How to make a fishing rod

Although there is a lot of components that go into rod making, there are a few main components that are the same throughout all of them. All fishing rods start with a rod blank. The different kinds of blanks are made from unique materials that are rated for action and rod power. Power is what a rod is rated to handle the type of fishing lure you are using and how big of fish you can land. You will hear the power referred to as light, medium, and heavy rods. A heavy rod can throw a heavier lure and can withstand the fight of larger fish compared to a light rod. The action of a rod is something that revolves around flexibility and sensitivity. This is important in a blank for getting a proper hookset and casting a lure with precision. You will hear rods having a fast action or slow actions. This is important for hooking a fish. The next important aspect of a rod blank is its length. The longer the rod is, the more it absorbs the fight of a fish. This will allow you to be able to use a lighter line and have more control. The opposite would be for a smaller rod; it will require a heavier line to have better control.

After the right rod blank has been chosen, several accessory components make a fishing rod better than others. These are the rod grips, line guides, reel seat, and hook keeper. Let's look into more detail at why these are important for every pole. The rod grip is necessary because it is needed to help the angler hold the fishing rod when fighting the fish or casting. The most common grips come in cork or foam handles. A better rod will often have a better grip for ease and comfort with fishing. Up from the grip is the reel seat. This is where your fishing reel will attach to the fishing rod. These are known to affect an angler's casting ability depending on its location. On the back of the base is a hook keeper. These are simple wire loops that are perfect for holding a hook in place when storing or traveling. The last notable feature on all rods is the line guides. These small loops will line the pole to feed line down the rod, giving it the right bend and forcing the correct pressure to distribute it along the rod.

How to choose a fishing rod

Fishing rod manufacturers now days make specific rods for the kind of fishing you will be doing. They make particular poles for freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing. At Hunting and Fishing Depot, we have several different rod models available to fit your fishing needs. These types of rods include offshore rods, trolling rods, surf rods, spinning rods, casting rods, sheepshead rods, and fly rods. You will find rods being made in a single piece or two-piece perfect for breaking down and traveling. No matter what kind of fishing you plan on doing, we will have a fishing rod with the right strength and sensitivity to meet your needs. Shop our selection with confidence and find the right fishing pole style at the right price.

Hunting and Fishing Depot rod brands include Toadfish Outfitters, Blackfin Rods, and more. Not sure of what you need? Check out our guide for picking out your custom fishing rods today.


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