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The Broken Back Trout™ Swimbait Glider

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Broken Back Trout™ Swimbait Glider The Reason Big bass hit big baits. 

This trout swimbait is a 7" gliding machine. One of the best swimbaits on the market. This lure is guaranteed to catch you more fish that are bigger in size. Show off in front of your friends with this large trout swimbait that is guaranteed to turn heads.

This lure is perfect for any bass fishing angler of any experience. Anglers young and old have used our product and had great success with it. No matter if you are fishing lakes, rivers, ponds or any other body of water use out broken back trout glider with confidence. Its S shape movement in the water is guaranteed to attract only the largest bass. You will see an immediate increase in fish hits and an increase in the hookup ratio. This lure is light in weight and comes armed with some of the best hooks on the market. One thing that sets this lure apart from the rest is its real-life skin patterns. We offer 13 different patterns that include: rainbow trout, striper, holographic rainbow trout, holographic striper, carp, Kokanee, gizzard shad, Red Trout, Brook Trout, Bass, Pink Trout, Redline Trout  and an alternative to the original rainbow trout. These are all painted to last and should be good to use over and over again.

Each lure comes with two VMC #2 treble hooks, with a super real life-like pattern.


  • Weight: 2.3oz
  • Length: 7"
  • Hooks: 2 x Size 2 VMC treble hooks
  • Pattern: Eight unique patterns that imitate bass main food.
  • Species we target: Largemouth bass, spotted bass, smallmouth bass, striped bass, pike, muskie, striper or any other large predator fish.

Check out our review of the broken back trout for more great information on why you should own one of these lures.

We promise that largemouth bass hate it, pike kill it, stripers destroy it and many other basses will devour the broken back trout swimbait glider.





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