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Egg Sinkers

Our Egg Sinkers Are A Fishing Sinker That Is Perfect For All Types Of Fishing

All of our egg sinkers are made in the USA. They are hand poured by anglers for anglers to help them catch more fish. They are made 100% from lead. Our fishing weights feature a smooth through hole that will not fray your line. We want to provide you with the best fishing weight. We know how many anglers go through which is why we want to keep our prices low but provide the best quality in the industry.

How To Use Egg Sinkers

Egg sinkers are the go to fishing sinker of many anglers. They are one of the few that feature a through hole. This is perfect because it allows for the egg sinker to move up and down your fishing line. This allows for your bait to reach the bottom and not interfere with your bait. The fish is able to pick up your bait without feeling the resistance of the fishing sinker. This allows for more hookups and more fishing being caught.

How To Tie An Egg Sinker

Attaching an egg sinker to your line is easy. Each egg weight features a through hole that you will slide your line through. It can be fixed on a rig with a swivel or a hook. On a knocker rig the right will come down all the way to your hook providing an extra noise to attract fish. Many fishing rigs like the Carolina rig uses a swivel to hold your weight up from your bait.

Best Egg Weights Fishing

Egg weights are the perfect fishing sinker for many different kinds of rigs anglers use. No matter if you freshwater or saltwater fish, chances are you will be using an egg weight at some point. In freshwater many times you will use a lot less weight than saltwater fishermen due to the lack of currents. River fishing is a great area to use egg sinkers because they allow for your weight to roll without getting hung on rocks on the bottom.

Sizes of Fishing Egg Weights

All of our egg sinkers come in a variety of different sizes perfect for any type of fishing you will be doing. You can find them as small as 1/4oz all the way up to 12oz. Depending on the type of fishing your will be performing, the size of the egg weight will vary depending on depth, current and conditions. 

Get your egg sinkers today at Hunting and Fishing Depot and be ready for your next fishing trip.



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