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Duck Decoys

Duck Decoys: Motion Duck Decoys, Full Body Duck Decoys and Floating Duck Decoys

Hunting and Fishing depot is your duck decoy headquarters. We have everything you need your next duck hunting trip. Stock up on your duck hunting decoys from the best brands in the industry like Hero Decoys, Lucky Duck Decoys, Tanglefree Decoys, Dakota Decoys and much more. No matter what species of duck you will be targeting, we have the duck decoy you need. We offer over 15 species of duck that include mallard decoys, pintail decoys, teal decoys, widgeon decoys, gadwall decoys and much more. Duck decoys can be the difference between a successful hunt and just another day in the field or on the water. We carry some of the most realistic decoys that have the potential to attract entire flocks of ducks. Find some of the best-motorized decoys from Mojo decoys and lucky duck decoys. Bring your duck spreads alive with these motion decoys. Whether you are looking for a spinning wing motorized duck decoy or flock-a-flickers, we will have what you need. Ducks will be more likely to land when called in when they see life in your duck spreads.

Our massive selection of Floating decoys is perfect for creating your large spreads over the water. Our floating duck decoys are perfect for mimicking a duck on the water. Whether you are looking for hen decoys or drake decoys of any species of ducks we have exactly what you need at  Hunting and Fishing Depot. If duck hunting on water is not your thing, then shop our vast selection of full body decoys perfect for a field hunting trip. These full body decoys are easy to put out and ideal for migrating ducks flying through South.

Hunting and Fishing Depot carries Mallard Decoys, Pintail Decoys and all the Duck Decoys you need for low prices, guaranteed!



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