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Crappie Jigs

Crappie Jigs always get the job done when crappie fishing

Crappie jigs are a jig type that every angler needs when crappie fishing. Crappies are a social fish that congregate with each other. An adequately jigged crappie jig in front of them will yield in bites. Crappie jigs come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Finding the right ones to fish with is always the challenge. We have tried to eliminate some of the difficulties of picking out crappie jigs. We only carry jigs that we know work.

You have found the perfect crappie jigs, now how do you fish them?

Crappie Jigging Techniques

1) The Bobber Rig: Use a slip bobber and rig one to two jigs directly under it spacing them out accordingly. Once you are rigged, just cast it into your favorite crappie hole fishing spot and real in slowly with the occasional jerk for movement. If the crappies are there, they will bite.

2) Cast and Retrieve: This is just like you would fish jigs in saltwater. Just cast it out and work it back carefully jigging it along the way.

3) Vertical Jigging: This is our favorite way to fish for crappie. Tie on your favorite crappie jig and drop it into your favorite crappie spot. Slowly jerk it up and let it fall giving it a wounded baitfish appearance. No matter the terrain you are fishing whether its fallen trees or artificial crappie hole this should work every time.

How you fish your crappie jigs depends on the debris you are fishing around and the current of the water. No matter what, when crappie jigs are jigged correctly, you will catch your fair share of fish. Check out our ultimate crappie guide for other great tips.

Shop our selection of crappie jigs today and get stocked up for your next fishing trip.



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