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Coolers Make Or Break A Hunting Or Fishing Trip

Coolers are an essential piece of equipment for any hunting trip or fishing trip. The capability to hold ice for days is paramount for preserving your catch or hunt. One reason rotomold coolers were created was so anglers could fish off of them without them caving in. It is because of this that we now have some of the best ice boxes ever made at a great price. 

One important feature that ice chests must maintain is ice retention. This is critical to preserving ice and for storage of meat. Many of the current brands of chests like Yeti, Pelican and K2 brag that their boxes can keep ice for around seven days. It is how they are made that allows this feature to happen. The next critical thing is a ice box must be made to last. No one wants to spend money on a product that will break down with the elements that hunting and fishing pose. These hard shell plastic chest are made to withstand a grizzly bear which is why they are all grizzly bear tested. 

There are several types of ice coolers that you will find on Hunting and Fishing Depot. These include:

1) Hard Shell: Rotomold coolers that are heavy duty and made to retain ice.

2) Soft: A Soft plastic cooler that is lightweight and easily transported.

These two types of coolers are what every angler needs in there ice box arsenal. No matter if you are looking for a cooler to throw on the ATV, one for the boat, or something to carry down to the beach, find what best fits your needs and get a cooler that will last you a lifetime.

Shop Coolers at Hunting and Fishing Depot for all of your ice chest needs. 



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