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  • Squid Fire Red Cobia Jig
    Fire Red Cobia Jigs
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    Fire Red Cobia Jig

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    Fire Red Cobia Jig Is the Lure Anglers Prefer When Jigging For Cobia The fire red cobia jig is the best inshore and offshore fishing lure on the ma...

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    $ 15.99
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Cobia Jig

The Cobia Jig Is The Perfect Lure For Cobia Fishing

Jigging for Cobia or Ling is one of the best ways to catch big Cobia Fish. Our custom lures are designed to help you catch more cobia when inshore or offshore fishing. Our leaded hook comes in a variety of different sizes, colors, and styles of heads.

Head styles consist of the octopus head or the bugeye head style. The lead weight ranges from  1.5oz to 3 oz. Sometimes the brighter the color, the better they work. From our years of fishing for cobia, we have found pink to work exceptionally well. No matter the size or color, this is the cobia jig that every angler needs to have while fishing.

Our cobia jigs are crafted to withstand a violent hit and last. They are all made in the USA. They come with a premium mustad 8/0 DT extra sharp and corrosion-resistant hook. This quality is the standard when fishing in saltwater. The skirts found on the jig is super tough nylon that will keep its shape and form. The best quality for the money and will come through time and time again for you.

When the Ling are running, make sure you have these hand tied lures in your tackle box. Find the perfect jig for different fishing depths based on weight. At hunting and fishing depot, we know how well they work for catching cobia. We have been fishing them for years. We have searched long and hard to bring to market the perfect styles of head and color patterns for consistently catching fish. Custom orders are always an option. So let us make your jigs today and start catching more fish. Unfortunately, we can not catch the cobia for you, but we can make sure you are cobia fishing the right gear.

Get your cobia jigs today and shop our vast selection of products today.



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