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Bridge Donkey Jigs

Bridge Donkey Jigs Were Designed To Catch Sheepshead And Tog

Bridge Donkey Jigs were designed on the North Carolina coast to help anglers catch sheepshead. They were carefully crafted with precise precision to help you land more fish when fishing for sheepshead and tautog. They will always fall perfectly and always land your bait upright putting your bait in the best position for catching fish. They are perfect for being able to feel the elusive sheepshead bite and will allow anglers to feel even the softest bites.

They come in a variety of different sizes from the smallest being a 1/4oz all the way up to the largest of 3oz. No matter if you are fishing inshore or offshore bridge donkey jigs have the jig heads you need. They are available in all the popular sheepshead colors to help you better attract nearby fish. Each jig features a 2x strong hook that will guarantee you the perfect hookup every single time. These jigs are crafted in the USA by anglers for anglers. They are known for "Chipping Teeth & Rippin Lips".

Get your Bridge Donkey Jigs today and be ready for your next sheepshead fishing trip.



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