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Snood Whisperer 3-Reed Turkey Mouth Call

$ 12.99

The Snood Whisperer 3-reed turkey diaphragm mouth call from Kee Kee is the best call for ALL skilled callers.

The Snood Whisperer turkey mouth call is comprised of three reeds.  This call has a center V cut with the right side cutaway.  The Snood Whisperer is a great call for making all turkey sounds.  The right side is used for high pitches such as kee kees. The triple reed is comprised of three thin latex sheets. This is a fairly easy call to blow with the ability to perform the full call spectrum with a good caller. This call has a very good-sounding loud yelp or can be toned down for soft calling.

The Snood Whisperer turkey mouth call Specs:

  • 3-reed
  • Ultra-thin Latex
  • Center V-cut with the right side cutaway
  • Very Versatile Turkey Call
  • Perfect for all Callers

Put the Snood Whisperer3-reed turkey mouth call from Kee Kee Calls in your call belt for this upcoming turkey season. One of the best mouth calls.



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