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Slider Weights

$ 1.99

Fishing Slider Weights Are Perfect For Slip Shot or Fishing A Carolina Rig

Slider weights fishing is the perfect style of fishing when using a Carolina rig. They are hand poured in the USA with the highest quality of lead. Their narrow cylinder shape with a through hole provides anglers with a slider weight that easily fished around rocks and structures. This style of fishing weight is perfect for fishing different depths with a bobber stopper. Our weights will never fray your line and will provide you with the necessary weight to fish your desired depths. 

Fishing Weight Slider Specs

  • Material: Lead
  • Weight: 1/32oz, 1/16oz, 1/8oz, 1/4oz, and 3/8oz
  • Package Size: 4 Per Pack

What are fishing weight sliders?

These fishing weights are made from lead and feature a through hole perfect for allowing your weight to slide up and down the line.

Make sure to pick up your slider weights and be ready for your next day of finesse fishing.



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