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Florida Permit Fishing Pocket T-shirt from Halocline

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Florida Permit Fishing Pocket T-shirt from Halocline Perfect For All Anglers.

One of the best fish to target when fishing in the state of Florida is the Permit. These large fish can be found on the flats in Florida feeding on small crabs or sand flees. Anglers often times will fish these shallow flats with the hopes of hooking up on a permit or bonefish. The way many of these anglers fish is by fly fishing although this not the only way to catch them. Catching one of these beautiful fish on a fly rod is a challenge that most anglers hope to achieve at some point in their life. These fish have a distinct outline of its unique lips. It's because of this unique outline that Halocline Fishing decided to capture this and place a Florida flag in it to set it apart and make it pop

Our unique design and take on the Florida Permit capture its beauty in this Pocket T-shirt. It is guaranteed to turn heads. These shirts are printed on some of the best cotton t-shirts on the market. Each shirt comes with a pocket over the left chest that has the halocline logo on it. These shirts are lagoon blue making them really stick out. They are perfect to wear during your everyday activities or out on the boat slaying the fish!

We offer these amazing shirts in a variety of sizes that range from small to extra large. So if you are an angler who loves to fish the flats of Florida then this is the shirt for you. Show off your love for fishing for permit and your love for the state of Florida. Why not own another comfortable shirt, one that will direct attention your way.


Florida Permit Fishing Pocket T-shirt from Halocline Is A Must Own!



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