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the best performance fishing shirt

Guide For Buying The Best Performance Fishing Shirts

The Importance Of Having Proper Fishing Shirts and Hats For Your Next Fishing Trip

When it comes to fishing, having the best fishing tackle can make all the difference. So when it comes to your protection, why not have the best performance fishing shirts and clothing to protect yourself from the suns harmful UV rays. Every angler needs the best type of fishing clothing to make a long day of out on the water easy. Performance shirts, headwear, pants, shoes, and all accessories are needed to protect you from the elements you will face. The piece of mind of not having to worry about your clothing is worth all the money. Plus knowing that when you get home you will be able to shower without the pain of being sunburn will make you that much happier you invested in good fishing apparel.

Depending on the type of fishing you do, will determine what kind of apparel you should have in your wardrobe. No matter if you are in a warm climate or cold climate, head-to-toe coverage should be considered. Allow us to help you pick out your next piece of clothing whether it's a hat or pair shoes. We have what you need for your next fishing trip.

Performance Fishing Shirts

One of the most critical pieces of clothing that any angler can wear is a performance fishing shirt. This protects you from the elements on a long day of fishing. Many of the companies in the market make their shirts from technical fabrics. This means that a shirt has the capability of being anti-microbial to resist smells and breathable to promote air flow through to keep you cool. Many of these shirts also come with an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) rating providing additional protection against the suns harmful UV rays. 

Many of these shirts also come with a UPF rating providing additional protection against the suns harmful UV rays. It is in your best interest to stick with a material that is UPF 30 or greater. This will always guarantee the needed protection while fishing. There are several brands that offer upgraded features on their shirts like built in insect repellents. These shirts should be considered when fishing in the rivers, lakes and salt marshes. Another thing that companies offer is anti-microbial properties. This keeps bacteria from your body from infiltrating the material and making it smell as you sweat. This can be very helpful when you are out in 90-degree weather. Since many people fish in such hot weather, having material that is hydrophobic so it resists water and sweat are needed. So next time you're trying to determine which performance shirt to buy, take all of this into consideration and get exactly what you need for the type of fishing you will be doing. Shop our selection of performance shirts.

Hooded Performance Fishing Shirt

hooded performance fishing shirt

Light Blue Hooded Performance Fishing Shirt

The hooded performance shirts are the most protective fishing shirts on the market today.  Made from the same moisture wicking, SPF, antimicrobial fabric that anglers are used to, the hooded style offers maximum protection from the elements.  Protecting your neck from the sun and elements so you can focus on landing those monster fish. Visit some of our hooded fishing shirts HERE.

Fishing Hats

sheepshead nation fishing hat

Sheepshead Nation Fishing Hat

Besides your performance fishing shirt, the next piece of clothing that is crucial for all anglers is a fishing hat. This is your first line of defense from the sun. A good hat should protect your head from the sun and provide shade on your face but not impede your vision. Fishing hats come in a variety of different styles. The most common would be a baseball cap. These come in a snapback and fitted models. You will often hear them referred to as trucker hats when they have a mesh back. When considering what hat is best for you to consider if the hat is windproof, waterproof and sunproof. 

Often times anglers chose to wear a larger hat to offer more protection. These include large straw hats or baseball caps with neck capes. These offer more neck protection and face shielding. So knowing all this we hope we can help you pick out what is best for you. Shop our selection of fishing hats to get a hat for protection but also will wow your friends.


Tuckets Footweat

When looking at the best type of footwear there is for fishing a few things must be considered. The type of fishing you will be doing will greatly determine the type of shoe needed. There are many types of shoes on the market but most can be categorized into serval categories that include: boat shoes, water shoes, sandals, wade boots and fly fishing shoes. There are several brands like Tuckets Footwear that do a combination of the two with their waterproof boat shoe perfect for an all day adventure on the boat.

Fly fishing and salt water wade fishing require anglers to wear wade boots. These are heavy duty, waterproof boots designed to protect the anglers foot from anything that could harm them on the river or ocean floor. Another form of boot that is needed to protect from the elements is ice fishing boots. These boots have to withstand cold temperatures to prevent hypothermia in an anglers foot. 

Lastly, almost all anglers have some sort of waterproof sandal that is perfect for wearing when on the boat, kayak fishing, on the pier/dock or even at the beach. The key is to know exactly what you need so you can purchase the right type of shoe for your type of fishing. Shop our selection of footwear today and let us have you prepared for your next fishing trip.


Something that every fisherman needs is a good pair of fishing pants. Some of the best fishing pants come in a variety of different styles whether it's cargo pants to hold equipment or insulated camo pants for the winter months. The best thing to do when shopping for pants is to determine what type of material you want. Do you want pants that are waterproof or light weight for all day of fishing? No matter what kind of pants that you prefer, make sure they are comfortable and convenient to wear for all the twisting and bending while reeling in the big one. Shop our selection of fishing pants today!


Fishing shorts are an area that anglers often over look. They come in a variety of different materials needed for your comfort. Most shorts are made of cotton, cotton blend, and polyester. One of the crucial factors to analyze when it comes to buying a pair of fishing shorts is whether or not it features UV protection. Because of how much these shorts run, I will only purchase from a reputable brand. Always make sure they fit well and are comfortable to spend a day in fishing.

No matter what you are looking for there should always be one thing in mind, does this piece of clothing provide me protection from the elements. We hope you will find the right clothing to meet your needs for the type of fishing you will be doing. If you have any questions about a performance fishing shirt please do not hesitate to ask us, or email us at



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