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Best Snow Goose Jalapeño Poppers On The Planet

The Best Snow Goose Jalapeno Poppers On The Planet

Snow Goose Jalapeno Poppers Are A Tasty Appetizer Anyone Will Love

One of the best appetizers I have ever had is the famous snow goose jalapeno poppers. Every year I make an annual trip to the North Dakota plains for a chance at an epic snow goose hunt. Snow goose is one of the best wild game meats to cook and eat. It cooks up so well and is extremely easy to prepare. The texture of snow goose reminds hunters of steak. One of the best dishes for preparing snow goose is the snow goose jalapeno poppers. I know what your thinking, this sounds extremely spicy and my mild stomach will not handle it. It is safe to say your in luck and we will tell you exactly how to bring the heat or neutralize it depending on your taste. The snow goose jalapeno poppers are an explosion of flavor making them a tasty treat everyone must try.

Snow Goose Jalapeno Poppers Ready For Grilling 

Snow Goose Jalapeno Poppers Appetizer

Snow Goose Jalapeno Poppers Ingredients: 

  • Snow Goose Breasts Cut Into Strips (any type of duck will work)
  • Bacon 
  • 3-4 Whole Jalapenos 
  • 1 Block of Fresh Mozzarella
  • Lemon Juice
  • Brown Sugar
  • Garlic Salt
  • Pepper
  • Zesty Italian Salad Dressing
  • Toothpicks

How To Prepare Snow Goose Jalapeno Poppers: 

Marinating the Snow Goose is key

Marinating Is Key For Snow Goose Jalapeno Poppers

1) The very first thing that must be done for preparing snow goose jalapeno poppers is the snow goose breasts must be cut into strips. Once it is stripped it will then need to be marinated in zesty Italian dressing for 24 hours. This allows for the flavors to be absorbed into the meat and help tenderize it

Preperation For Snow Goose Jalapeno Poppers

Preparing Everything You Will Need For Your Snow Goose Jalapeno Poppers

2) On a cutting board cut your mozzarella cheese block into small squares to be wrapped in the snow goose jalapeno poppers. The 3-4 whole jalapenos will need to be sliced up in order to be wrapped. If you leave the seeds in the jalapeno slices it will add the heat. If heat is not your thing, then remove all of the jalapeno seeds. Either way, the jalapenos add a flavor that is so good.

Making of the snow goose jalapeno popper

Flattening Out Snow Goose Strip To Fill And Wrap

3) Once your ingredients are prepared flatten the strips out and place a slice of mozzarella and a slice of fresh jalapeño in the center then roll up. Sprinkle with garlic salt and pepper.  Next, wrap a small strip of bacon around the meat and use a toothpick to keep from coming apart.  Sprinkle with brown sugar and finish with lemon juice. Sprinkle with brown sugar and finish with lemon juice.

Grilling Snow Goose Jalapeno Poppers

Grilling The Snow Goose Jalapeno Poppers To Perfection

4) Place on the grill at 400 for 15-20 mins or until mozzarella is completely melted in the center.  

Grilled Snow Goose Jalapeno Poppers Ready For Serving

Grilled Snow Goose Jalapeno Poppers Ready For Serving

Snow Goose Hat

Custom Snow Goose Hunters Hat Click Here

This one of a kind snow goose recipe is by far our favorite goose recipe that we have tried and are confident you will love them just as much. Let us know how it comes out for you, and send us amazing pictures of your snow goose jalapeno poppers after you make it. Maybe you have an amazing snow goose recipe that you want to share with our community of anglers and hunter, we would love to hear it. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to leave them below or email us at 

Do not just settle for new amazing recipes, maybe you want to be better at snow goose hunting. We have valuable information on how to do this within our blogs. We are confident we have something for everyone. If you have friend or family member who loves snow goose hunting and would enjoy cooking an amazing new goose recipe, please tag them or share this on social media.



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