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Duck Hunting: The Love For Everything Waterfowl

Duck Hunting: The Love For Everything Waterfowl

Why Do You Love Duck Hunting?

Duck Hunting

Early Morning With Decoys Out For Duck Hunting. (Photo Credit: Fowled Reality)

At Hunting and Fishing Depot we love duck hunting. When duck hunting season comes around, you know that the weather is getting cold and the ducks have begun migrating. All duck hunters no matter level of experience ranging from beginner to experienced love getting out into the woods, flood lands, swamps or fields to hunt ducks is like no other. Knowing how to lay out the correct blind spread is critical to a good hunt. Another thing that all waterfowl hunters must know how to do is call in the ducks. There is a science behind duck hunting. Once you have learned and mastered duck hunting, it will be some of the best times of your life. 

So Why Do We Love Duck Hunting So Much?

At Hunting and Fishing depot, duck hunting is more than a sport or a recreational pastime. We live, eat, and sleep everything duck hunting. We are fortunate enough to be able to work in the industry and make a career out of it. By surrounding yourself with everything waterfowl, it allows us to grow a more profound love for duck hunting. Do not just take our word for it. Allow us to go into more detail and give you our top 5 reasons why we love duck hunting so much.

1) Allows For Time On The Water.


On The Water Duck Hunting (Photo Credit: Realtree)

Duck hunting has many great things about it, one of those is the fact that it will take you out on the water. Most people enjoy being out on the water fishing or enjoying the summer, why not enjoy the winter on the water duck hunting. Ducks tend to reside around bodies of water. It is this reason a lot of waterfowl hunters will set up decoy spreads on the water to call in feeding ducks. If you're like us at hunting and fishing depot, then we are well aware that you enjoy your time on the water. Enjoy your time on the water by duck hunting.

#2. Allows For Quality Time With Friends And Family. 

Hunting with friends

Duck Hunting With Friends.

Waterfowl hunting is one of my favorite things about duck hunting! I love the fact that I can go with family or friends. One reason I can not stand deer hunting is the fact that you are in a standby yourself and have to be quiet the entire time. When duck hunting you can talk and joke around the whole time. There is not a time you need complete silence. Do not get carried away with your conversation because you do want to keep the noise to a minimum, so you are not scaring off nearby ducks, but ducks are kind of hard to scare. So get out there and hunt with your friends and family and have a great time doing it together.

#3. Allows For Excitement In Your Life.

Duck Bands excitement

One of the greatest excitements you can get in life is when a flock of ducks fly in and land in your decoy spread. The thrill of shooting on a duck is like no other. Often waterfowl hunters will target a specific species of duck, like pintails or gadwalls. The excitement of waiting for these specific species can be fun and try to pick them out in a flock can be a challenge. Another exciting thing with duck hunting is searching for bands. A few chosen ducks will have been banned, trying to spot ducks with bands is always a fun thing to do. Its stuff like this that make duck hunting so exciting and something different every single time you go.

#4. Allows For Relaxation and Peace Of Mind. 

Relaxation while duck hunting

Duck Hunting Should Be Relaxing!

There is something about being outside in nature that allows for the calming of one's soul; this is one of the reasons we duck hunt at hunting and fishing depot. We are well aware that most people struggle with stress. Everyone experiences stress and it could be from work-related issues, relationship issues or even money issues. Unfortunately, not a single person is immune to some stress factors. It is how you cope with the stress that allows for people to conquer it. Rather than letting it get to a point where the stress can cause damage and affect your health, find a stress reliever like duck hunting and use it as a time to relax and clear your mind. Once you know how to duck hunt correctly, it should be fun and relaxing. Getting out there and breathing in the crisp winter air will allow you to relax and let your cares of the world to melt off. Do not just take our word for it, get out there and try it for yourself. Let the relaxation of a duck hunt help you to conquer the stress that is in your life.

#5. Allows For You To Get Outside.

Hunting outside

Duck Hunting Gets You Outside.

Many people spend way to much time indoors. Maybe you are the type that needs a reason to get out. Duck hunting is the perfect opportunity to be outside with a purpose. If you are like the rest of Americans, I am sure you work, eat, and sleep inside. Getting outside is a good change of pace from the norm. The fresh air of being outside can be soul soothing and an excellent means of keeping your mental health on point. From a physiological standpoint, there are distinct health benefits of being outside that you gain from sunlight. One is the production of vitamin D. Along with the benefits there is also a concern with too much sunshine.  All hunters should be careful of UV rays and wear the right protective covering on an all-day hunt. Studies have shown that sunshine can help with depression and anxiety. So why be cramped up inside all the time? Get out there and start duck hunting today and help better yourself, your mood and your mind.

Why Do You Love Duck Hunting?

At Hunting and Fishing Depot we live and breathe everything duck hunting. From getting out into the cold winter air to calling in ducks, it's in our blood. All waterfowl hunters need to take a moment and ask themselves, " Why do I love duck Hunting?". No matter if you love it for the same reasons or different reasons, we want to know! Comment below or email us at There is no right answer, but there is a passion, and we want to know what drives you to be a waterfowl hunter.


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