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9 Best Soft Plastic Craws All Anglers Need In Their Tackle Box

9 Best Soft Plastic Craws All Anglers Need In Their Tackle Box

Top Soft Plastic Crawfish Every Angler Should Be Using

Why should you be throwing a soft plastic crawfish? Why does bass love them? These questions can easily be answered because of how common crawfish are in lakes. Crawfish come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are over 100 different species of crayfish that crawl around the lakes of the United States. I remember as a child playing in streams behind our house turning over rocks looking for crawfish. I would never have dreamed soft plastic crawfish would be one of the best baits in my tackle box. One reason bass have made crawfish top of their food choice is because of the areas of water they are located in. Most often if you find rocks or debris like fallen trees you will find crawfish. A few other areas that are known for holding crawfish is various areas of vegetation like grass and weeds. This is also the territory that bass generally live around and why they feed heavily on crawfish.
There is an old saying in fishing that says," Always fish with what the fish are eating." This is so true for bass fishing. If largemouth bass feed on crawfish why not fish with a lure that resembles a crawfish on the bottom. This is where the soft plastic crawfish comes into play. Every lure company that makes soft plastic lures makes a soft plastic craw. These soft plastic crawfish are so successful when bass fishing that you can not go to bait shop that doesn't carry them. Anglers love them, pro's swear by them.

When it comes to soft plastic crawfish there are three different kinds on the market: the realistic craw, the flappy craw and the finesse craw. Each of these types of soft plastic crawfish has their own benefits and negatives. Lets take a closer look at each kind in more depth.

Realistic Crawfish Lure

The realistic crawfish is pretty self-explanatory. It is a plastic crawfish that should resemble a real one. It is made from soft plastics but will have all the real characteristics that normal crawfish will have. These are more durable then fishing with like crawfish. Most of the times these realistic crawfish lures will come on a jig pre-weighted. These truly are the closest thing to the real life thing you can buy.

Flappy Trailer Crawfish Lure

These lures resemble a crawfish but do not have the details that a realistic crawfish lure will have. Often times these crawfish will be used as a jig trailer. They flappy trailer crawfish lure have two enlarged claws that are perfect for flapping across the bottom as they are pulled. These are smaller then realistic and finesse craws.

Finesse Crawfish Lure

The finesse crawfish lure is a slender looking worm body with two crawfish claws coming off the back. These finesse craws will act just like the finesse worms. Anglers will fish these with finesse techniques making them irresistible to bass. It is the movement that they produce that no bass will be able to resist.

Since every soft plastic lure company makes a crawfish we decided that we would come up with a list that all anglers should be using. These are the best craws available on the market and are guaranteed to catch you more bass.

1. Savage Gear 3D Crawfish 

Savage Gear 3D Crawfish


Savage Gear 3D Crawfish

One of the best realistic crawfish lure on the market is the savage gear 3D crawfish. This craw lure is so realistic that when you see it in the water it will be hard to tell the difference between it and the real thing. The detail is so meticulous because of its segmented body, free moving feelers, and leg that make it look like its walking on the bottom. Savage Gear has air filled the claws to make it look like it has a raised claw position in the water. This was a brilliant touch on an already amazing lure. Savage gear knew that real craws contain iodine. They decided to inject iodine and their formulated crayfish scent into every savage gear 3D crawfish lure. Team this soft plastic crawfish up with a savage weedless hook or a standup jig head and you have one deadly crawfish lure.

2. River2Sea Larry Dahlberg Clackin' Crayfish 


River2Sea Larry Dahlberg Clackin' Crayfish 

 The River2Sea Larry Dahlberg Clackin' Crayfish is a realistic crawfish lure. This lure was designed by Larry Dahlberg. He designed it to mimic what a real life crawfish would be like. This crawfish lure comes with hinged hard plastic tail and a soft plastic head and claws. Its patented hinged lip grabs the water and makes it look realistic moving through the water. It is weighted perfectly and will sink to the bottom like a real crawfish. This is one lure that every angler needs in their tackle box.

3. Yum CrawBug

Yum CrawBug

The Yum CrawBug is a realistic crawfish lure that bass can not resist. The ultimate meal for a bass are these Yum crawbug. Yum has made these soft plastic crawfish with attention to detail. They are one of the most realistic lures on the market. The yum crawbug feature a hollow body and soft texture that help it to imitate a fleeing crawfish. No matter how you flip it, rig it or jig it, this soft plastic will get more hits than many of the others on the market. This lure needs to be teamed up with a weedless hook or a standup jig to work perfectly.

4. Doomsday Reaper 3.2 & 3.8

Doomsday Reaper Finesse Craw

The Doomsday Reaper 3.2 & 3.8 are finesse craw lures. They are absolutely amazing in the water. The ribbed body allows it to catch the water just right to give it the right movement in the water. The large claws give it a flapping motion in the water that makes it appear more lifelike. Do not be scared to drop shot rig it or put it on the back of a finesse jig. No matter how you use it, the bass will destroy it.


5. ZMan Lures CrawdadZ

Zman Crawdadz

Zman Crawdadz Lure

The Zman Crawdads is a realistic crawfish lure that is made to imitate the characteristics that most crawfish have. Its attention to detail has it the right size, shape and color. These soft plastic craws are made to last and will survive a days worth of fishing. Team this plastic up with a weedless hook or a standup hook and you have a deadly combination perfect for fishing around rocks or vegetation beds.

6. Lunkerhunt Lunker Craw

Lunkerhunt Lunker Craw

Lunkerhunt Lunker Craw

This amazing little craw comes in a size of 4". This soft plastic crawfish features the lunkerhunt core strength technology that makes it one of the most durable on the market. This craw is quick in the water with a very fast fall rate. The movement it gives off makes it an irresistible treat for bass. This great lure from lunkerhunt is one that all bass anglers should have in their arsenal.


7. Venom Lures Imitation Craw Tube

Venom Realistic Craw

Venom Lures Imitation Craw Tube

Venom Lures has come up with the perfect crawfish imitation lure that is sure to attract the bass. The lifelike legs and claws come to life when this lure hits the water. Venom Lures knew to put a hollow body into it to add rattles to help better attract bass. The soft plastic crawfish is made from some of the most durable plastics. Venom Lures have infused them with their signature trigger scent. If you are a fan of throwing craw plastics, make sure this is one in your tackle box.

8. V&M Wild Thang Claw

V&M Wild Thang Craw

V&M Wild Thang Craw

V&M wild thang craw was made with movement in mind. This soft plastic craw offers some of the best and "wild" action of any crawfish lure on the market.The j-shaped claws add a thumping sound when dragged across the bottom. These claws and legs are there to add a lifelike motion in the water. V&M lures make their soft plastics by using pork fat which adds a unique scent. These are durable and will hold up in the toughest conditions.


9. Xzone Lures Muscle Back Craw

Xzone Lures Muscle Back Craw

Xzone Lures Muscle Back Craw

The Xzone Lures Muscle Back Craw is a sharp looking soft plastic craw. Its ribbed body creates a sonic like feature that adds vibration to the water. Its legs and claws help bring it to life in the water. The claws are textured and ribbed to help with its swimming motion to make it more natural in the water. The claws have air injected into them allowing for them to float up when at rest making it a natural craw defense position. All plastics from Xzone lures are made to last and injected with their patented scent to give it a little advantage over other lures. These Xzone Lures Muscle Back Craws are ones you need to be fishing with.

We hope you will check out a few of these amazing crawfish baits. Since bass have made crawfish such an important part of their diet why not fish with a lure that has proven time and time again to work. If you have any questions please email us at or feel free to leave a comment below. If you have a craw that we should have featured please let us know. If you make your own please get in contact with us because we would love to try your soft plastic craw. So get out there and go bass fishing with the best soft plastic crawfish lures on the market.

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TW - July 27, 2018

Dad always said “Bass will spit out a shad if he sees a crawfish”.

Kyle - June 22, 2018

I river fish for smallmouth and goggle eye and almost exclusively use craws. This article rules. I now have a reason to fish more: testing your list. Thank you.

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