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Decoy spread for Duck Hunting

Targeting Canvasback

I have been an avid waterfowl hunter since I was 15-years-old, mainly shooting Wood Ducks in Georgia swamps.  The increased pressure over the last 10 years has ruined many of my favorite hunting holes over time.  One species that I...

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The Fiddler King

The Fiddler King

The fiddle crab is one of the best baits to use for sheepshead, redfish, black drum, pompano and permit. Learn how to catch and use them better as bait.
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Bull Reds | Running Of The Bulls | Fall Redfish Fishing

Bull Reds: Running of the Bulls

Take your large rods and reels, your redfish hook set up and a few blue crabs and see if you can catch one. This is a great substitute for arm day in the gym. Get out there and try your luck at catching bull reds this fall.
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Grilled Pheasent

A Pheasent to Impress

Homemade Italian Stuffed Ringneck Pheasant or Chicken Ringneck Pheasant is one of the most sought after game birds in the united states due to their excellent table fare.  On a recent trip to Kansas to hunt ducks we managed to...

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