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Wade Fishing 101: Inshore Fishing Tips To Wade Fish

Wade Fishing 101: Inshore fishing Tips To Wade Fish

Wade Fishing Is The New And Challenging Way To Fish While Inshore Fishing

If you are like me then fishing on a boat, from a pier, in a kayak or in the water while wade fishing is something all anglers want to be good at. It is every anglers goal to catch more fish with every inshore fishing trip. At Hunting and Fishing Depot we know that one way to catch more fish and bigger fish is by wade fishing. We want you to be successful at wade fishing and have come up with a complete guide for how and where you should be wade fishing. 

What is wade fishing?

What is wade fishing? ( Photo Credit: Youtube )

No one goes fishing and tries to not catch fish. Nor do anglers say they want to catch small fish. It is every anglers goal to catch the biggest fish while inshore fishing. This means bigger trout, bull reds, big ugly's, monster snook and doormat flounder. If this is something you want to achieve then wade fishing should an option for you. The beauty of wade fishing is you do not need an expensive boat or kayak. You actually do not need any money besides your normal rod, reel, and terminal tackle expenses. The key to wade fishing is knowing where to fish and how to access it. This requires you to have a phone or device with internet access. If you are old school and only have a flip phone then a good map can help you find the areas you need to be wade fishing.

Best Wade Fishing Gear

My father always told me that an angler is only as good as his equipment. This is also true for wade fishing. Having the right gear and equipment is critical to a successful wade fishing trip. Here are a few things that are essential for a fun wade fishing trip.

Wade Fishing Gear

Right Wade Fishing Gear Will Save Time & Money ( Photo Credit: Texas Bay )

The first thing you will need a is a reliable fishing rod and excellent saltwater fishing reel. When it comes to finding the perfect rod and reel we created a few guides to help you better select what you will need. Our guides for buying the best fishing reel and for buying the best rod will help you find a better setup that could benefit you while wade fishing. If I had to narrow it down to what is the best rod and reel combo that will not break the bank I would go with St. Croix Mojo Inshore Spinning Rod and the Shimano Stradic saltwater series. This setup will have everything you need in a rod and reel for inshore fishing. Next thing you will need is the proper fishing line to get the job done. We only use Vicious braid fishing line on all of our reels. The best kind is to use the 10lb to 15lb vicious braid. This will decrease the number of line breaks that you can see from using monofilament.

One of the challenges with wade fishing is you have to carry all of your gear with you while out in the water. Every time you need to redo your line you do not want to hike back to shore to do it. Getting a wade fishing belt will help hold most of the essential gear you will need. A small wall waterproof tackle box will be needed to hold your inshore jig heads. Carry a variety of colors, styles, and weights for different water currents and clarity. You will want regular jigs as well as weedless. Include your favorite saltwater lures in there as well like a mirro lure or a favorite topwater for trout.

Bring anywhere from 4-5 bags of your favorite inshore fishing soft plastics. You will want to bring a variety of colors because finding the color the fish are eating is critical to a successful day of fishing. My favorite soft plastics to use while wade fishing is K Wigglers. Their paddle tail plastics look great in the water and seem to last on the jig head better than some of the larger brands. You will not go wrong with k wigglers, and I guarantee you will catch more fish. Include a good pair of pliers on your wade belt and a stringer to hold the fish after you catch them.

Wade Fishing Belt is Great Equipment To Have

Wade Fishing Belt is Great Equipment To Have ( Photo Credit: )

The necessary wade fishing apparel depends on the time of year you will be fishing.  During spring, summer and early fall you will need just sun protection. A good inshore fishing performance shirt that is SPF rated, shorts and a fishing hat is all that will be needed. The most important piece of clothing is your wade fishing boots. These wade boots help protect you from stepping on stingrays, sea urchins, and other sharp objects that may be in the water. During the winter months, it is best to buy waders and other waterproof gear that will help keep you warm when wet. We have covered all the essential items needed to successfully wade fish. Now get out there and start fishing, which leads us to our next point.

Location For Wade Fishing

Finding the perfect wade fishing spot can be a challenge if you do not know the waters or area already. Many great spots are usually close by to the location you are in. These forgotten honey holes often hold a ton of fish if your willing to work for it. Using google maps on your iPhone can be beneficial for finding great spots. I scout all areas off the road with google maps to find places to walk in from. Often times you can use beaches as great locations to fish from. When beaches are less frequent find remote areas with your phone. One thing you should look for is areas off the shore that have structure or changes to the bottom. Areas that have channels running along the shore create feeding grounds for snook, redfish, and trout coming off the flats. In these same channels, the baitfish will run with the tides.

wade fishing galveston

Wade Fishing Galveston

Where you fish is important. Knowing the right spots can be the difference between coming home skunked or with a stringer of fish. You never know what you will catch when wade fishing. Know your locations and you will find the fish. Once you have the right gear and know the locations you will be wade fishing there are a few important wade fishing tips everyone must remember.

Important Wade Fishing Tips For All Anglers

  1. When wade fishing never go further than knee or waist deep.
  2. Always wear wade fishing shoes to avoid stepping on stingrays, sea urchins, glass or anything else that can cut you.
  3. Wade Slow!!!! Keeping a lower profile will help you not spook nearby fish. Fish like a statue walk like your on clouds.
  4. Always walk against the current so your fishing with your lures coming back towards you. This allows for a more natural presentation while fishing parallel to the shore.
  5. Look for structure in the water to fish around. These structures will hold the baitfish which will attract the fish you are targeting.
  6. Fish in any depths of water. While wade fishing, some of the biggest fish you will catch will only be in a few inches of water.
  7. Fish a large amount of area. By moving down the shoreline, this will allow for more opportunities to find fish.
  8. This may be common sense, but look for fish.

Wade fishing is another amazing type of inshore fishing. If you have not tried it yet make sure to add it to your list of ways to catch fish. There is something great about walking and sight fishing. Always remember to do your research and find the right spots for wade fishing. If you know of a natural area with structure or rocky patches, it could be a great area to target. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to leave us a comment below or email us at We would love to hear your about your wade fishing trips and all your inshore fishing experiences. We would also love to see all of your inshore catches so make sure you send us all your great catches to be featured on our social media pages. Don't forget to get stocked with our inshore jigs for your next fishing trip. Get out there and go wade fishing this summer.


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teresa rodriguez - June 10, 2023

thank you for tips on wade fishing . seems like fun . frist timer wish me luck

Kevin Bosse - June 10, 2023

My favorite place to fish— mostly wading is Mosquito Lagoon. I’ve been wading there since the mid 1960’s. The bait shops,guides, tackle stores etc. all claim that the fishing has never been better but I “vehemently” disagree. I am convinced that we have lost the fishery in those waters. There are plenty of “yearling” trout, snook,reds and flounder but catching larger fish is now more of an accident than knowledgeable skill. It appears that the habitat can no longer support the growth of the fish stock!!!! The grass is GONE the shrimp thin, the Black Mullet thin
, Blue Crabs thin Oysters for any purpose GONE. OH YA If one lucks out and catches say a 24in. Trout —you DID NOT CATCH A GATOR TROUT. THOSE BIG30-PLUS IN. SOWS ARE NO MORE. how ever if you are wading always remember to occasionaly cast back behind you where you have already “shuffled” thru!!!!

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