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Scary fish pictures

Ugly Fish Pictures: 12 of the most scary fish pictures on the Internet

12 Terrifying Pictures of Ugly Fish

When ocean fishing or lake fishing, there is always the possibility of catching unique creatures at any time. Some times anglers get lucky and catch things that fascinate everyone. These pictures often become viral. As our curiosity grows about our oceans and lakes, so does the curiosity for the extremely weird things that live in them.

These terrifying monster fish or animals come in all shapes and sizes. Some look as if they are right from child's nightmare, while others are mutant-looking as if they were pulled right from the waters of Chernobyl. There should not be many things that haunt the nightmares of most anglers. Maybe the occasional thought of the "one that got away". But after compiling this list we are sure some of these will make you thing twice the next time you go in the water.

1) The BlobFish

Blobfish: Scary Moster picture of the ugliest fish ever

Photo Credit:

No this is not a picture of blobfish sunglasses, although they are a great brand and make great sunglasses. This was 2016's world ugliest fish. The best fish picture to start this article out with, THE BLOBFISH.

The blobfish is a deep water fish that can be found often in depths of 2000ft to 3900ft. An interesting fact about the blobfish is its body is a gelatinous mass, creating a body density less than water. This allows for the fish to float above the ocean floor and not exert energy on swimming.  

This goes down as one of the ugliest and scariest fish found in the ocean. Looks like its right out of Hollywood, except this blob isn't engulfing people or buildings.

Beware the blobfish: Pictures of funny fish

2. Sarcastic Fringehead

Scary picture of aliens: The Fringehead fish

(Photo Credit:

The sarcastic fringehead or the modern day Predator looking fish is something not of this planet. A small bottom dwelling fish that often resembles a goby, until it opens its mouth displaying its true colors.

These fish tend to be very territorial like their distant cousin, the alien predator, is with earth. Opening their mouth displays an extended jaw line made up of multiple colors. You can think of their mouth like you think of a peacocks feathers. This is all for show. If you saw this fish in the wild, it is guaranteed sure you would have to give it a second look.

3. The Tiny Tiny Candiru

Candiru fish image

This little guy is probably the smallest fish on our list. The Candiru looks awful harmless and I bet most people would even say it is even cute. This is one that needs to be feared! This is a parasitic catfish that has a huge appetite for blood.

This fish has a history of swimming up mens urethra and feasting in the persons bladder. It may not look like the scariest fish on the planet, but the pain it can cause can bring a grown man to his knees.


4. Wonderfish: Fish With Its Own Fishing Pole

Wonderfish fish pic

( Photo Credit:

This fish is truly a weird and exotic fish. It is also known as the wolf trap due to its lower jaw that forms to look like a trap. Thank God this is a deep water fish, because if you were ever to come face to face with this ugly fish you may think twice about swimming in the ocean again.


5. The Deep Sea Lizardfish

Deep Sea Scary Fish Picture: Lizardfish

(Photo Credit: Dianne J. Bray / Museum Victoria. License: CC by Attribution)

If you have ever done inshore fishing, then chances are you have caught a lizard fish. The big cousin to these guys that live in the oceans depths pack a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. These things look like they are from the movie Aliens, instead they lurk in the deepest parts of our oceans.

6. Acient Sea Serpent: The Oar Fish

Crazy Pictures of fish: The ORR Fish

(Photo Credit:

Very rarely do people encounter the oar fish. This deep sea fish can reach lengths up to 36 feet. In ancient times, it is believed when sailors and fishermen experienced a sea serpent, it could have potentially been an oar fish. In our opinion this is still a very ugly fish. Although it is a gentle giant, it will always turn heads.

7) Goblin Shark: Swimming Fossil

Monster Fish: Goblin Shark

(Photo Credit:

The first shark to make the list. This rare species of shark is found in the deep sea. It is often times referred to as a "living fossi.l" It belongs to the family of sharks dating back million and millions of years. This goblin shark gets a A+ in the scary fish photo category. With a grill like that, it's only one a mother could love.

8) Monk Fish: A Chefs Delicacy 

Scary Ugly fish: Monkfish

(Photo Credit: Mother Nature Network: Animal Planet)

This freaky-looking fish makes our list because of how ugly it is with its large oversized head. For years this fish was feared by many in the fishing community until they realized how delicious it was. Now the monkfish is a delicacy in the cooking word. Scary fish or not, this is truly a remarkable species.

9) Viperfish

Viperfish pictures and viperfish photos

(Photo Credit:

The viperfish is one of the most scary looking deep sea fish that exists on the planet. Mostly feared due to its over size teeth and its aggressive hunting abilities. It makes it one killing machine, not to mention a fish that sure creates a scary fish photo.


10) Anglerfish

Anglerfish photos

(Photo Credit:

When you look at the anglerfish, you are looking into the face of something that exist in your nightmares. This bizarre deep sea fish is named for its fish luring light helping it catch its prey. Although it may be scary in appearance, it's a delicacy to eat in the majority of the world.

 11) Snaggletooth

Ugly Fish: Snaggletooth Fish

(Photo Credit:

The snaggletooth fish looks like an alien swimming in the depths of our oceans. This scary looking fish is known as a deep sea predator. Like most deep sea fish the snaggletooth fish is luminous and has its own glowing lure that it uses to attract prey. 

12) Dragonfish

Dragonfish picture


 The last fish on our list is another deep sea fish. I have the feeling that your beginning to get the picture that the deep sea is one scary place.

The dragonfish is another scary fish that catches the fascination of most people. Like most fish in the depths of the ocean, it aluminates to attract its prey. It is a ferocious predator.

 At hunting and fishing depot, we hope you have enjoyed viewing a few of these terrifying fish. Do not hesitate to contact us at with any questions may have. Send us your best creature pictures  to be featured on our social media and website. Please leave comments below!

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T W - May 19, 2022

The cover photo of the shark is fake

Chxian Alichoe Bongbonga - October 23, 2019

I love that pictures it scare my fish the best picture is the angler fish

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