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Turkey Calls: The Complete Buyers Guide

Turkey Calls: The Complete Buyers Guide

The Right Turkey Calls Are Not Always The Best, Depends On The Turkey Sounds They Produce

When it comes to buying turkey calls, it can become a headache fast. There are 100's of different call companies who make turkey calls who claims they are the best on the markets. Each turkey calls come in different shapes, sizes and all produce different turkey sounds. The differences in the make of calls results in a broad spectrum of sounds that will be unique to every turkey hunter. The range of sounds produced by each call will be different  which will further confuse you because not two  yelps, purrs, clucks and kee kee will sound alike. This turkey call spectrum will allow for some to sound like the birds themselves while others will make the turkey run away.

Turkey Hunting Calls

Turkey Hunting with Calls (Photo Credit: Dave Halloran)

In order to keep the turkeys near by or successfully call them in a turkey hunter must master turkey calling. Turkey calling is a true art form. It is something that the average hunter will learn over time and must practice to get better. In order to  practice your turkey calling abilities first you must purchase the "right" call.

Do not be scared though, we have done the dirty work with finding the best calls on the market. Do not take our word for it, allow us to go over a few basics with you to give you the confidence you are getting the best turkey call for your buck.

What Kind Of Turkey Call Do You Need?

Types of turkey calls

The Different Types Of Turkey Calls ( Photo Credit: Winchester Ammunition )

One of the first things a turkey hunter must do is figure our what kind of call he needs. In order to better understand your needs and wants you must understand what is available on the markets. Turkey calls come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Here are the most common types of turkey calls available for purchase.

Turkey Box Call

Box Calls

Different Styles of Box Calls ( Photo Credit: )

One of the first kinds of turkey call to learn on is the classic box call. These calls work by friction to produce sound. Box calls are usually made of wood that features a thin edge and a wooden lid. The lid is carefully crafted to to strike the edge of the box to produce the proper sounds.

Turkey Diaphragm Calls

Turkey Diaphragm Calls

Collection of Turkey Mouth Calls ( Photo Credit: )

Turkey diaphragm calls or better known as turkey mouth calls are one of the hardest types of turkey calls to master. They produce some of the best turkey sounds on the market. These types of calls are made up of a piece of latex stretched over a reed. Turkey hunters simply place them in their mouth and blow air across the reed to produce turkey sounds.

Turkey Slate Calls

Slate Calls

Turkey Slate Calls  ( Photo Credit: )

Turkey slate calls, or often refereed to as turkey pot calls, are another form of friction turkey calls.These types of pot calls are not limited to slate but can also be metal or glass. The simple concept involves using a striker to produce the call when it is rubbed across the pot call surface.

Push and Pull Turkey Calls

Push and Pull Turkey Calls

Push and Pull Calls Are Easy To Use ( Photo Credit: )

The push and pull turkey calls are one of the simplest turkey calls on the market. These are by far the easiest to use and learn. The Push button turkey calls are the go to call of new hunters. Some of these push button calls can be used with one hand. The push and pull calls are the same concept except you pull and push a striker plate. It is this push and pull technique that creates the call. This makes it the easiest to pick up and use.

Each turkey call serves its purpose for the type of turkey hunting you do. Some calls will work better than others and certain scenarios. Knowing how you will be turkey hunting will determine the type of call you will need to purchase. Knowing if you will be posted up in a blind or crawling in fanning, figuring out your turkey reaping style will help you decide what is the best call for your next turkey hunting trip.

What Kind of Turkey Call Will You Select?

Turkey Calls for calling in your turkey

Choosing The Right Call Works ( Photo Credit: )

Maybe you are just getting into turkey hunting and are trying to navigate the waters of picking out your first turkey call. Sticking with a friction call will be your best bet. Turkey friction calls include you pot calls, box calls, and push and pull calls. When starting out these will be the easiest to master and you will have your greatest success with calling in a stud turkey. With the more experience you gain while being out in the field calling with birds, you will begin to understand the different pitches and tones that are important for turkey sounds. You will start to see the trend that certain calls will be easier to produce these sounds. This is only gained with experience and probably will not happen in your first year of hunting turkeys.

If turkey hunting is your thing and you already know the style of turkey hunting you prefer then selecting the right call for certain situations will become important. Maybe your style of turkey hunting involves sitting in a blind with decoys out. This will allow you to use any type of call that you prefer. Your hands are free to use a friction call if that is your preference. If you are a thrill seeker and love the excitement of turkey reaping or fanning then having a go to diaphragm call will be your choice. This style of turkey hunting will involve crawling up to birds and will need to remain hands free with turkey calling. No matter your style of hunting the call with the best mimicked turkey sounds will bring the birds in every single time.

There is one last thing that every turkey hunter must remember. There are locator calls that are an essential weapon that help locate the location of nearby toms. These sounds will make a tom gobble and potentially give away his location. These locator calls are made to mimic species of animals like the woodpecker, crow, owl or hawk. These are perfect when scouting turkeys and trying to figure out where the turkey roost is. This is important because it will give you an idea of where to set up your turkey hunt in order to bag the gobbler.

What Turkey Calls Are The Best For The Money

 Turkey calls have evolved into deadly tools over the last 10 years. Every year they get better and better and a bunch of new companies pop up who claim their turkey calls are the best. The point of all turkey calls is to provide turkey hunters with the best imitation call. The most expensive calls are not always the best. There are power house turkey call companies like Knight and Hale, Primos and Woodhaven Custom Calls who produce the volume, but do their calls honestly sound the best? I would disagree. Some of the best calls on the market come from new companies who understand the technology and push the envelop for making that perfect turkey sound. Many of the newer turkey call companies will push the market by using better quality of material to produce a crisper sounding call. Three companies that come to mind that are changing the game for turkey calls are Longbeard life, Tom Teasers and Legacy Custom Calls.

1) Longbeard Life

Every now and then a turkey call company comes along that changes what we know about calling. Longbead life is a turkey call company that saw a problem and decided to fix it. They knew the major players in the industry had lost a step on creating that perfect turkey sound. The set out to create one of the most realistic diaphragm calls that produces the best turkey sounds around. Falling in love with their calls is easy cause they produce time and time again. Two of longbeard lifes best selling turkey calls is high maintenance and barely legal. These are turkey mouth calls every turkey hunter should be using.


2) Tom Teasers

Tom Teasers is another turkey call company that is taking the industry by storm. Their top of line calls are worth every penny. The realistic turkey sounds that their diaphragm calls produce are calling tournament worthy. They have some of the best friction calls as well. One of the best calls you can get for your next turkey hunt is the Butt Naked Hen. The Dominant Hen Box Call is a friction call that will work for you every single time. If you do not already own a Tom Teasers Call, we suggest you adding them to your arsenal of calls.

3) Legacy Custom Calls

Legacy premium game call is a small town call company changing the game one call at a time. If you have never used a legacy call I suggest you try it. They are known for their turkey calls. Their diaphragm calls produce some the best turkey sounds on the market. What started small has grown into a call company that produces some amazing calls. Some of their must own calls are the Lone Hen, the Wild Hunter and the Fatal Attraction turkey mouth calls. Their Fowl Owl turkey locator call is another that every turkey hunter should have on them. When using a legacy call, "Its not luck, its a legacy. "

 The great thing about all 3 of these turkey call companies is they offer great calls for both beginners, average, and professional turkey hunters. Finding the best call to fit your needs is essential and by going with one from any of these companies will not steer you wrong.

Turkey Calls

Calls You Need In Your Arsenal  

Having a better understanding of the types of calls on the market will help you better select what you need to go turkey hunting. Once you find the right call whether its our recommended ones or any other brand you will have to practice everyday to get the perfect turkey sound. It is something that is learned with time. If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below or email us at We would love to hear about your turkey call selection process and what you would recommend.If you try one of our recommended turkey call companies give us feedback on how it worked for you. Send us any pictures you got this turkey season to be featured on our social media pages. Check out some of our other great turkey hunting blogs: turkey hunting do's and dont's, turkey grand slam, late season gobblers, and turkey hunting mistakes. We hope this helps you pick out your next turkey call. 

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