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Snook Fishing 101

Snook Fishing 101: Baits, Snook Lures And Equipment

Understanding The Snook And How Snook Fishing Is Done With Snook Jigs, Lures And The Right Fishing Equipment

Brackish Snook On Jig

Brackish Snook On Snook Jig

The Snook is a saltwater fish with an outstanding body shape. It has a thin head and snout, an underslung lower jaw, large fins and a black stripe covering the whole lateral line. The black stripe is a standard feature among all Snook and is the most different thing about this species. Its dorsal surface is dark grey and has fins with yellowish coloration. It often is referred to by its other names: Ravillia, Robalo or Lineside.

Snook can be found on the larger islands of the Caribbean, Cuba, Hispaniola, and Puerto Rico. They are also found in Florida around the lower half of the Peninsula. Snook live in mangrove shorelines and grassy areas that are flat and can also be found in water potholes and water inlets. Their diet is mostly composed of small fish, shrimp, and crabs.

Releasing an over slot snook

Releasing An Overslot Snook (Photo By @tynelsonsw)

The Snook size ranges from 3 to 15 pounds. Big Snook fish weigh more than 30 pounds and are mostly seen during summer when spawning occurs around inlets and water passages.

The Snook is a challenging fish to catch, and it can fight its way off the hook when handled carelessly while snook fishing. It takes an excellent fisherman to wrestle a Snook out of the water. In their natural habitat, the smaller snook usually tends to jump high while the large female ones only jump to show half their body due to their body size and weight.

Snook Fishing All Year: Where To Find Snook During The Year

Snook can be located in different places at different times of the year. They don’t move too far and can easily be found within a small region most of the time. Some of the fish stay in the same location all year in deep water near shores or rivers. In the winter, they can be found twenty or more feet below the water in canals, rivers, and estuaries. When spring begins, they start moving out into the flat grassy areas and remain there until mid-spring then they again start moving out onto the beaches and into the passes. When spring is almost over, they start spawning on the beaches and the passes until summer breaks and at the end of summer, they move back to the flat areas, and the cycle repeats.

Methods Used To Catch Snook For Snook Fishing

Snook Fishing On The Fly

Snook Fishing On The Fly (Photo By @lives2fish)

Catching Snook On A Fly Rod

If you are on the hunt for snook to catch on the fly, then the first area you should look is the grass flats. The key to being successful is finding specific potholes on the flats that hold baitfish and pinfish. On most days you end up blind casting because the snook blends in so well. If you can spot the fish, then it makes it easy for sight fishing for snook. You should always cast around the edges of the potholes then work your way into the middle. If the pothole is in deeper water is could require a sinking fly to be used. The best patterns to use for snook flies are shrimp and baitfish patterns. The best rule to remember is to match the fly pattern to whatever the snook are hitting on. The top flies for fishing the flats include but are not limited to the Seaducers, Muddlers, Clouser Minnows, Shrimp, and various other Baitfish patterns.

Best SnookLures For Snook Fishing: Topwater, Snook Jigs And Live Bait

Snook Lures

Collection of Snook Lures For Snook Fishing (Photo By

Snook lures used for catching snook come in different shapes and sizes. They can spin, bubble, pop, splash and cause ripples on the water’s surface to imitate prey movements. Topwater lures float on the surface and make a noise every time you pull and release them on the water. These seem to attract the snook and often lead to major topwater explosions.

One of the best types of lures for snook fishing is the snook jig. Snook jigs are available in different weights that impact how fast sink. The Snook jig is a bullet head jig that is made in various weights ranging from 1oz to 2.5oz. Snook jigs are painted in distinctive colors that will capture the attention of a Snook passing by. These jigs are created to last, and they can be used after fishing multiple times. Maybe you are skeptical about snook jigs, check out our snook jig review for addition snook jigs information.

Snook Jigs

Snook Jigs From Hunting And Fishing Depot

If you have had no look with topwater or snook jigs then switch to what the snook are eating. Snook often enjoy live shrimp, live pilchards, live mullet, and live sardines. Free floating the live bait on a hook only is one of the best ways for snook fishing with live bait.

5 Way To Help You Catch Snook While Snook Fishing 

1) Snook Fishing At Night Can Be Rewarding

All snook tend to feed any time of the day. It could be during the day or at night whenever the bait fish are running. The lateral line along the snooks body can sense small movements and vibrations. Its large eyes are perfect for finding bait fish. It is these body features that make it a predator that excels at feed at night. Often the larger snook will be feeding at night. Finding where the mullet run can lead you to where the snook can be found. Fishing under bridges, piers, and docks at night with live bait or snook jigs often result is larger snook being caught. 

2) Find Where The Snook Are Eating And What They Are Feeding On

This is one of the most critical tips for snook fishing. It’s the main reason why most anglers fail in catching a snook. A good rule that most anglers should remember is to follow the water currents since snook are ambush predators that prefer to remain motionless and then attack baitfish. They also hang around structures since baitfish stay around structures to hide from predators. This is one of the reasons you can find snook in the mangroves. The underpasses of bridges are an excellent area for baitfish to move through so often time you will discover snook in these areas as well. 

3) Catching Snook From Anywhere Is Fun, No Boat Necessary

The beauty of snook fishing is you can do it from almost anywhere. Having a boat is not a requirement for finding and catching snook. Often you can catch snook right off the beach. Many anglers choose to fish around the mangroves and mangrove shorelines for snook. Anglers will search for grassy flats and potholes to fish from shore, boat or kayak. Bridges, piers, and Jetties are perfect areas for finding snook. These areas hold the baitfish which in return will attract the snook. 

4) Use The Right Snook Fishing Gear

Having the right fishing gear is imperative to an all-day snook fishing trip. Every angler should be adequately protected from the sun. This starts with the proper headwear and buff. This will protect your head, face, neck, and ears from the suns harmful UV rays. One thing that every snook fisherman needs is a performance shirt. These are important for protection while on the water. A snook performance shirt can be a good way for showing off your pride for snook fishing. The last essential apparel need is some good fishing shorts. Put all this together, and you are ready for a long day out on the water snook fishing.

5) Live Snook Bait Optional, Snook Jigs Are Prefered For Snook Fishing

The beauty of snook fishing is you do not always have to use live bait. Most anglers prefer using artificial bait. One of the most popular lures you can use while snook fishing is the snook jig. Snook Jigs are easy to learn how to use and will save time that would have been wasted catching live bait. It is easy to catch snook on live bait, but it can be somewhat challenging catching snook on artificial baits and jigs.

Snook Fishing is one of the best types of fishing. It is a fun and rewarding activity that many anglers partake in over the course of the year. Snook fishing has always been a challenge and always take some necessary skill to master. Many anglers are always on the quest for catching that next trophy snook. Understanding the habits of the snook and how snook fishing is done, fishing with snook jigs, snook lures and snook bait becomes easy. 

Snook Fishing on the flats

Catching Snook On The Flats (Photo By Ryans_1985)

 Do not hesitate to contact us at with any questions may have. Send us your best snook pictures to be featured on our social media and website. Please leave comments below! If snook fishing is your thing check out our additional read How To Catch Trophy Snook. We hope you will find everything in this article useful. Next time your snook fishing us the right snook bait and snook lures to catch snook.

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Steven - September 25, 2019

I’m in key west florida and have been getting them to explode on a topwaters bait but they always seem to shake the I doing anything wrong? Oh yeah I also need to know how to handle them so I and the fish (snook) dont get hurt. Thanks in advance .great article.

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