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Complete Guide For The Best Saltwater Fishing Line

Complete Guide For The Best Saltwater Fishing Line

Best Saltwater Fishing Line Types Every Angler Should Be Using

Saltwater fishing line is critical to landing fish when saltwater fishing. Saltwater fishing line is a product that must be strong and durable, light-weight for easy casting, fraying resistant, and provides high sensitivity to feel every bite. It must be able to withstand the elements that come with saltwater fishing and be tough enough to land big fish. It is our goal to create a complete guide for helping you choose the best saltwater fishing line for your needs.

Best Saltwater Fishing Line Types 

Best Saltwater Fishing Line Types

Saltwater Fishing Line

When it comes to saltwater fishing, the type of fishing line can make or break a fishing trip. It can be the difference between landing a monster fish or getting broken off. There are some essential factors that anglers must consider when picking out the best saltwater fishing line.

  • The classification of the fishing line is determined by the amount of pressure it can withstand before it breaks. Anglers often refer to this as the lines pound-test. Every fishing reel allows anglers to apply drag pressure that helps tire the fish. This drag also increased the amount of pressure that is exhibited on the fishing line. This ultimately changes the pound-test of the fishing line more frequently than the weight of the fish.
  • Another thing that determines the best saltwater fishing line from the rest is the color of the line. Saltwater fishing often occurs in clear water, which allows for the fish to be able to pick up on the fishing line an angler is using. Most of the time, you will want your line to be invisible to the fish. The best color fishing line for saltwater usually is transparent and invisible in the water.
  • There are many different kinds of saltwater fishing ways. Having the best saltwater fishing line for each application is critical to being successful. The best fishing line for inshore saltwater fishing often is lighter than the fishing line you will use offshore.n Light fishing line will always cast farther and sink faster while most heavy offshore lines are stronger and sink slower because they are stiffer.

After you figure out the right pound-test line and the right fishing line color, you must determine which fishing line type is best for your fishing needs. The three different fishing line types are monofilament, fluorocarbon, or braided fishing line.

 Saltwater Monofilament Fishing Line

Monofilament Fishing Line

Offshore Fishing With Monofilament Fishing Line

The best saltwater fishing line for the price is the monofilament fishing line. It is preferred by most anglers and serves its purpose in almost every application. Inshore fishermen use it, and offshore anglers swear by it. It is this popularity that keeps mono at the front of the best saltwater fishing line debate. Anglers use it because of its strong knot strength that is critical for landing fish. Monofilament line is known for its strength and more abrasion resistant than braided fishing line. It also has a more excellent width-to-pound test and stretches better than the saltwater braided line. Mono also has a low memory meaning it will retain its form when coming off the reel spool. One negative draw to the monofilament fishing line is its ability to break down from sunlight. It must be changed every year, depending on how much fishing you are doing.

Saltwater Braided Fishing Line 

Braided Fishing Line

Braided Fishing Line 

Braided fishing line is made up of multiple fibers that are braided together to give its strength. The braided line is more durable than mono and stronger per diameter. To provide you with a better example of what this looks like, if you are using a 20lb monofilament fishing line, then it has a pound-test that breaks over 20 pounds. A braided line compatible with this will get a pound-test that breaks over 50 pounds. It is this intertwined fibers that give it this extra strength. Braided lines will not be affected by the sun and will last longer than your typical mono line. The best braided fishing lines are known for casting farther than mono and will cut through the water more efficiently. Braid is also known for its sensitivity, making it a better option for species like sheepshead when you have to feel the bite. The reason anglers do not prefer braided fishing line when offshore fishing is because of its low stretchability. This is not preferred for trolling offshore. If you are inshore fishing and want to use the best braided line on the market, then check out Vicious fishing line

Saltwater Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Seaworx Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Seaworx Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

 The newest type of fishing line to hit the market is the fluorocarbon fishing line. The fluorocarbon line has several advantages making it better than mono and braid. The first advantage is its ability to have low light refraction. This makes it one of the best saltwater fishing line that is almost invisible in the water. It is also a lot stiffer and more abrasive resistant than traditional monofilament fishing line. The fluorocarbon line will sink faster than mono because it is denser. This density is also a disadvantage because it makes it very had tie fishing knots. Like mono, fluorocarbon will break down in the sun. It will also turn color tinged, making it lose its invisibility in the water. The fluorocarbon line is used for saltwater leader lines. By having a fluorocarbon leader line that you can trust will result in more fish being caught. One company that comes to mind is Seaworx Fishing Gear for its leader line. Start fishing with the best fluorocarbon leader line and watch your landing ration increase.

 Wire Fishing Leaders

Wire Fishing Leaders

Wire Fishing Leaders For Rigging


Wire fishing leader is a useful leader material for species of fish with teeth. Wire leader fishing is done predominantly in the offshore fishing world. The wire leader is used to troll your baits in the water for pelagic fish. There are two different finds of wire fishing leaders that angler use, single and braided strand. The integrity of the braided wire leader is weaker and thicker than a single strand wire. Braided wire is often used when fishing because it can bend a lot easier and can be tied into knots. No matter the kind of fishing you are doing, there are wire fishing leaders for every situation.

How to spool fishing line

Spooling Fishing Line

How to spooling fishing line

Many anglers find it difficult spooling fishing line. Many bait shops have a professional fishing line spooling station for reel spooling. There many ways for spooling fishing lines yourself. The main thing to remember is you must keep the fishing line or braided line from twisting. The best way for spooling a saltwater spinning reel is by running the line through the rod guides and tying an arbor knot to the spool. 

  • A pro tip for spooling braid is to wrap a short piece of electrical tape around the reel to prevent the line from slipping.

Place the line between your fingers and pinch it gently, applying pressure. Reel the handle a few times to put braided fishing line onto the reel. Continue spooling it until the reel is full. If you want to ensure you are putting it onto the reel right, drop the tip of your rod and put some slack into the line. The braid should never twist into loops. If it does, then you are spooling the reel and twisting the line. 

If you want to fill a conventional saltwater fishing reel with a monofilament fishing line, simply place a pencil through the center of the feeder spool. Hold it between your toes and let the line come off the top of the spool. Reel the fishing line under pressure to ensure a tight spool. They do make at home winding kits that use a fixed drill to help spool your reels. 

We hope this complete guide for the best saltwater fishing line will you to pick out best for your fishing needs. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to leave us a comment below or email us at We will be glad to get back to you and get your questions answered as fast as possible. We would love to hear all about your fishing experiences. We would also like to see all of your catches, so make sure you send us all your great photos to be featured on our social media pages. Make sure to check out our fishing species page for other great content related to each species of fish you may be targeting. If you need any information on getting a fishing license, we have what you need. Find your next fantastic fish recipe today that the whole family will enjoy. Enjoy your next fishing trip, and make sure you are using the best saltwater fishing line on the market. 

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