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Lobster with glasses

Lobster for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

BUGS, BUGS and MORE BUGS: The Ultimate Lobster Recipes

There is nothing more fun than catching lobsters during lobster season........

Florida Spiny Lobster

Florida spiny lobster peaking out from under a coral head.

but wait, there is!

Cooking these delicious lobster is a menu fit for a king.

Lobster Tails

Nothing is better a bucket full of lobster tails during lobster season.

We have come up with three great, quick and easy recipes for lobster anytime of the day. If you love Lobster as much as we do, you these recipes are all you’ve been looking for! Every time July rolls around our family and friends begin planning our yearly trip to the Key’s for opening lobster season.  We stake out our potential hunting sites and wait for 1 minute after midnight on opening day to start bully netting. After a night of filling the coolers by bully netting lobsters on the flats we head home to sleep.  As soon as the sun is about to rise we are at it again looking for the keepers.  After catching our limit, we head home to enjoy a delicious lobster meal.  We have come up with a few of our favorites to enjoy anytime of the day.    

If you are really good and catch your limit early morning, you will be home in time for.........


Lobster Egg Benedict......Yummm!

Lobster Benedict

Lobster Egg Benedict photo from Seatech Corporation


  1. Lobster
  2. Butter
  3. Eggs
  4. Mustard
  5. Lemon Juice
  6. English Muffins
  7. Spinach

Hollandaise Sauce                     

Hollandaise Sauce Photo via Simply Recipes



1.       Remove lobster meat from shell onto and spread on tinfoil

2.       Add melted butter and seasonin

3.       Broil in over for 4-5 min or until lobster meat appears opaque    


Hollandaise Sauce           

1.       In mixer or food processor mix egg, mustard, lemon juice

2.       While mixer running, pour in steady stream of butter

3.       Mix additional 5 seconds


Poached Egg

1.       Bring 8 cups of water to a boil

2.       With large spoon, swirl/stir water

3.       Crack egg and carefully add each egg

4.       Turn down heat, put lid on and let sit for 4-5 min

5.       Remove from water and set aside


Bringing it all Together

1.       Toast 2 English muffins (4 halves)

2.       Top with 3-4 leaves of fresh spinach (optional)

3.       Place boiled lobster on top of spinach

4.       Place poached egg on top of lobster

5.       Top with Hollandaise Sauce

 Tips: Keep in mind your poached egg will not look great if it’s your first time poaching an egg. Make sure you have 2 extra eggs to practice if you have never done it.  At first mine would just breakup into 100 pieces and be a mess. If worst comes to worst, just fry your egg over easy and it will essentially give you the same effect…runny egg yolk mixing into your lobster.    


Lobster Roll

Lobster Roll
  1. Take 1 lb of steamed lobster (about 3-4 lobster tail) or you can buy it from your local seafood market

  2. In bowel add ½ cup fat free Greek yogurt and 2 tablespoons of Mayo

  3. Chop 1 scallion and 1 stalk of celery and add to yogurt and mayo

  4. Add lobster to bowel of ingredients and sir

  5. The bread HAS to be top-split, white, hot dog bun (J/K you can you any roll type but you can find but the top-split bun suggested is the best).

  6. Melt a bit of butter and spread over the top and bottom of bun and cook in over on 350 until slightly toasted

  7. Take the buns out of the over and stuff the lobster into the roll

  8. Serve with lemon on the side

Tips: What most people don’t realize is the best part of a lobster roll is the temperature difference between the warm buttered roll and the cold lobster inside the bun. I don’t like to add lemon directly to the lobster mix but I like to add it on the side because many people like a splash of lemon, plus it looks visually appealing.


Grilled Lobster Tails

Grilled Lobster tail

Grilled lobster tails with melted butter.

  1. Cut lobster tails shell side down

  2. With paper towel hold spine down and split down the middle

  3. In bowel warm 1-2 inch of butter and add minced garlic, salt, pepper and pinch of paprika

  4. Heat grill to 400 degrees

  5. Place lobster tail on grill with the open side up

  6. Pour melted butter and seasoning on the lobster meat

  7. Cook for 3.5 to 4 min per side

  8. Let cool slightly and Enjoy   

Tips: Often times the lobster is just not enough food for a meal.  Many people add grilled fish or grilled shrimp. If you already have the grill fired up, you can throw on some corn or asparagus as the side dishes and it also adds great color to the plate.  
If you have any great lobster recipes, we would love to hear them. Please comment below or feel free to email us at Submit your lobster season pictures to us as well to be featured on our social media pages.

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