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Some Of The Best NFL Players Who Love To Go Fishing Or Hunting

Top 10 NFL Players who love Hunting and Fishing

Some Of The Best NFL Players Who Love To Go Fishing Or Hunting

With the 2017 NFL season upon us, we figured why not take a look at some of the best players who like to hunt and fish. As fans, we get caught up in thinking that these guys play football all year round. Do not get me wrong, these guys train hard, but they still enjoy getting out in the woods hunting or out on the boat fishing. 

10 NFL Players Who Love Fishing And Hunting In The Offseason

1) Luke Kuechly | @LukeKuechly | Twitter

Luke Keuchly Fishing with bass

Most of you know Luke as the hard-hitting linebacker of the Carolina Panthers. But in the offseason, this guy loves to fish. We salute you Mr #52 for owning the football field and the fishing trips you go


Luke after an offshore fishing trip

2) Joe Thomas | @joethomas73 | Twitter

Joe Thomas Fishing on Draft day

Many of you know Joe Thomas as the man who skipped the draft when he was the #1 pick. Not only did he skip the draft, but instead he went fishing with his dad. This man loves to fish. If you cant play for a winning organization, you might as well do what you love when you're not playing, and that is fishing!

Joe Thomas salmon fishing

3) Julio Jones | @juliojones_11 | Twitter

Julio Jones with a sailfish

Julio Jones is the best wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons that has freakish hands and the superpower of getting open and catching any ball thrown his way. When he is not catching footballs, this man is catching fish. Julio lives on a lake where you can find him bass fishing. He loves to fish, what more can we say!

Julio in the boat on ESPN

4) Willie Young | @Youngwill79 | Twitter

Willie Young Kissing a Bass

Outside linebacker for the Chicago Bears, willie young loves to fish. Coming from the sunshine state he grew up fishing. Now in the offseason, you can find him in the boat bass fishing or fishing offshore in Florida.

Willie Young Bass Fishing

5) JJ Watt | @JJWatt | Twitter

JJ Watt with a large tarpon

JJ Watt is one of the most exciting defensive players in the NFL. His brutal strength and size make him fun to watch. Offense Coordinators fear this man. Something else that fears him are the large fish he catches in the offseason. He loves being outdoors whether it's hunting or fishing.

JJ Watt Marlin Fishing

6) Carson Wentz | @ CJ_Wentz | Twitter

Carson Wentz with some catfish

When he is not throwing passes for the Philadelphia Eagles, you can find Carson outdoors hunting. A big-time hunter he loves to be out there deer hunting or waterfowl hunting. We even found out he likes to fish. 

Carson Wentz deer hunting

7) Adam Vinatieri | @Adamvinatieri | Twitter

Adam Vinatieri with a small rooster fish

One of the best kickers to have ever played the game is Adam Vinatieri. Also known as Mr clutch, he has made some of the hardest kicks in the NFL. From being in the snow to send the Patriots to the Superbowl to kicking in the Superbowl to win it for them. But how he calms those nerves in the offseason hunting and fishing. 

Adam Vinatieri with a nice deer

8) Sam Barrington | @Sam_Barrington_ | Twitter

Sam Barrington with a Goliath Grouper

Sam Barrington is a linebacker in the NFL that loves to catch monster fish. In the offseason, you can find him offshore reeling in the big ones with BlacktipH Fishing. 

Blacktip shark from Sam Barrington

9) Clay Matthews | @claymatthews52 | Twitter

CLay matthews with a small mouth

The Greenbay Packer superstar still loves to get out on the water in the offseason. You can find him fishing for largemouth, smallmouth, muskie or pike. Not only is his NFL game on point, but so is his fishing game.

Clay Matthews with a muskie

 10) Carson Palmer | @Carsonpalmer | Twitter

Carson Palmer with kids

The quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals Carson Palmer enjoys fishing with his kids during the offseason. From fly fishing to bass fishing he loves getting out there and catching fish.

Carson Palmer fishing


Not only do these players like to play football but they are passionate about their hobbies in the offseason. Hunting and fishing are things that sooth the soul. Give these guys a follow on twitter. If you know of any other NFL players who love to hunting and fishing that should be on our list then comment below or send us an email at


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