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Broken Fishing Rod: 3 Quick Ways To Fix

Broken Fishing Rod: 3 Quick Ways To Fix

A Broken Fishing Rod Can Be Frustrating And Annoying

One thing that anglers should always know what to do is how to fix a broken fishing rod. With many of the fishing rods now days costing hundreds of dollars, it's essential to have a plan in place if you were ever to break one. It's not a question of if you will, but more when you do know what you're going to do to fix it. Knowing a few methods of how to fix a broken fishing rod will save you a lot of frustration. It will also save you time and a lot of money. The more you fish, the more likely you are to break a rod. Several of the most common way to break your rod is:

  • Laying it down in the boat and someone accidentally stepping on it.
  • Loading your rods into the car and closing the door or tailgate on them.
  • While transporting you catch the tip on something and snap it in half.

Fishing Rod Wired 2 Fish

Breaking a fishing rod can ruin a fishing trip ( Photo Credit: Wired 2 Fish )

When your two hundred dollar fishing rod breaks do not freak out. Remain calm; you have options for fixing it. Your options consist of fixing it yourself or sending it to the manufacturer for repairs. One thing you must consider is where the break occurred? This will usually determine if you can perform the repair yourself or if you should seek professional help.

3 Quick and Easy Ways For Fixing Your Fishing Rod

#1 Tip For Fixing Your Fishing Rod: The Glue Method

One of the easiest ways to fix your rod is with super glue or hot glue. This is my go-to method if I break off a tip. You're going to use the same rod tip that was initially on the rod. The first step is to remove the tip from the rod blank. Once this is finished, it should slide on the tip of the broken part of the rod making the new tip. Add hot glue or super glue to the rod and place the tip on it. Make sure you line it up with the fishing rod guides. Hold it in place until the glue dries. Keep the rod out of service for another 24 hours to ensure the glue has set completely.

Some companies make replacements for broken rod tips. This involves the same process. Here is a quick video on how to do this fast and effectively.

 Repairing Rod Tip

Our friends at Wired 2 Fish with a great tutorial on changing the tip with a tip replacement pack

Sometimes the break will happen farther down the rod near the first guide. Its to close to the guide to place a new tip on it. Your only option is to cut the first guide off and make that the new tip. This will ultimately shorten the rod and will decrease the sensitivity you have come to know while using it. This is a quick fix though and is sufficient for keeping the health of your fishing rod.  If the break occurs any lower you will need to go to our next fishing rod tip.

#2 Tip For Fixing Your Fishing Rod: Nailed It Technique

Many anglers will either love this approach or hate it. I can honestly say I have had to use it on three different rods and they still function like normal. The nail in approach is an easy and effective way of repairing your rod. Pick a nail size that will fit into the rod blank. Cut off the nail head and use the body of the nail. Epoxy in the nail into one side of the broken fishing rod. After epoxy both sides together with the nail in place. I generally tend to add some more epoxy only the outside of the crack for extra reinforcement. Below we have attached a great video that walks you through this process step by step.



#3 Tip For Fixing Your Fishing Rod: Let Manufacture Fix It

There are some situations when I suggest just not trying to fix your rod and letting the professionals do it. The first thing I would suggest, if the rod is under a year old then contact the company to see if there is a manufactures warranty. If there is then let them fix it. If the rod is broken under the third eye or dawn, I will usually call and ask the manufacture if they offer a rod fixing service. I have yet to buy a rod from a company who does not offer this. There may be some sort fee, but at least you know your rod is getting fixed right. They will guarantee their repairs and will save you time and energy.

Common Break Points On a Fishing Rod

Common Break Points on a Rod (Photo Credit:

For now on if your unlucky enough to break a fishing rod while fishing do not sweat it. You now have options for fixing it yourself or sending it in to get it fixed. Unfortunately, accidents will occur, and things will get broken. With our tips for how to fix your broken fishing rods, it will eliminate the stress that comes with it. If you have any questions, please email us at or feel free to leave a comment below. Maybe you have a different technique and we would love to hear it and share with our followers. Next time you have a broken fishing rod one of our quick tips will get you rod fixed and you back out fishing.

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Muhammad - June 10, 2023

Hi Brock Lee,

I appreciated your efforts in writing such a detailed post on multiple ways to fix broken fish rods. As we all know,
manufacturers are not available where we go fishing so the third method is only good when we are near the company.

First Way is the best way because we can carry glue with us easily on our trip. Your post covers each and every aspect or essential to fixing a fishing Rod and finally found the winner way. But unfortunately, the video you are mentioning is not clickable.

Thanks for the share,

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