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Ned Rig

The Ned Rig is changing the bass fishing world forever

What is a ned rig?

The ned rig is one of the most popular bass lures for finesse fishing. Ned rigs have become very popular in recent years and have been the go-to lure for many bass anglers, both amateur and professional. The simplicity of the ned rig is one of the best features of ned rig fishing. The original ned rig setup featured a lightwire hook that was perfect for rigging your ned rig worms. At Hunting and Fishing Depot we have developed a jig with ned rig hooks that feature a 1/0 sickle hook making it the ultimate lightwire jig on the market. This is the perfect setup for finesse bass fishing.

We didn't stop there, we went all out with perfecting the weedless ned rig and accomplished it with our EWG Shroom Ned Rigs. These are the ultimate bass jigs that every angler should be fishing. They come in 15 of the best ned rig colors perfect for pairing with your favorite soft plastic bait. These jigs come in a variety of different weight sizes from as small as 3/32oz up to 1/4oz. We have sizes for anglers who like lightweight ned jigs or larger for anglers who prefer to throw heavier jigs. Get your weedless ned rigs today and start catching more fish.



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