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Jig Warehouse

The Jig Warehouse: Join The Jig Revolution. Every Kind Of Fishing Jig and Jig Heads All In One Place

The jig warehouse was created at Hunting and Fishing Depot because we love jigs! Whether its freshwater jigs, saltwater jigs, inshore jigs, sheepshead jigs, offshore jigs, bass jigs, snook jigs or crappie jigs, we specialize in fishing jigs. It was our goal at Hunting and Fishing Depot to carry a wide variety of different styles of jigs that anglers use on an everyday basis. We searched long and hard for companies that offer a fishing jig that is a game changer in their respective category. 

Anglers use a ton of different kinds of jigs when saltwater fishing. No matter if they are inshore fishing or offshore fishing there is a whole slew of saltwater jigs that can be used successfully. Inshore jigs come in all shapes and sized and target a wide range of fish species. At the jig warehouse, we know what you need and have taken the time to find the perfect jigs to meet your needs.

Several Jig styles at the jig warehouse include: 

Sheepshead Jigs: The perfect swing jig for sheepshead fishing. We guarantee you will have more hits and catch more.

Snook Jigs: The best flare jigs on the market perfect for snook fishing.

Cobia Jigs: The perfect jigs for cobia fishing in different shapes, styles, and colors.

Pompano Jigs: Be equipped with the best jig for pompano fishing. Our banana jigs and goofy jigs are perfect when surf fishing.

Flounder Jigs: If there is one kind of jig that is candy to fish it is the flounder jig.

Offshore Jigs: Offshore fishing requires specific kinds of jigs. Find all your heavy bottom jigs and yellowtail jigs.

Halibut Jigs: Heavy weighted jigs perfect for bottom-dwelling species like halibut, yelloweye, lingcod, and rockfish.

Inshore Jigs: Find the perfect inshore jig to match up with your artificial bait to make a deadly combination for targeting redfish, trout and other inshore species.

Bass Jigs: Get the jig you need, perfect to fish your tournament plastics and catch the next largemouth bass.

Crappie Jigs: All the crappie baits you need to go out and catch a cooler full of crappie.

Jig Heads: Maybe you are looking for a specific style of jig or a custom jig. Find everything you need.

Bucktail Jigs: Find a bucktail jig for all types of fishing, both freshwater and saltwater.

Shop the jig warehouse and find a huge selection of fishing jigs for your next fishing trip.



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