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Spiny Lobster Performance Shirt From Halocline

$ 15.00

Spiny Lobster Performance Shirt From Halocline Is The Perfect Shirt For Anyone Who Dives For Rock Lobster.

Every year when lobster mini-season is upon us thousands of people head to the Florida Keys to try their luck to get their limit of lobster tails. These underwater bugs are known for their tails and sweet meat. One of the greatest thing about lobsters is the thrill of the catch. Many anglers will fish the Florida flats at night with bully nets in order to try to catch them. One of the most fun ways is by diving and tickling them out of rocks or debris then netting them. This involves some sort of skill level but it is something that can be picked up by anyone. This is the perfect activity for a family to go enjoy together.

Our long sleeve Lobster performance shirt is one of a kind. Made from the best material on the market. Our shirts have been tested to withstand whatever mother nature brings your way. This shirt will provide you with 50+ UPF sun protection as well as moisture wicking technology. This shirt is guaranteed to keep you cool and dry. It is specially designed to be lightweight and built strong to resist snags or pulls.

This spiny lobster performance shirt from halocline comes in a yellow color that is sun neutral. The lobster itself is red as well as the halocline logo. We offer these shirts in a wide array of sizes ranging from small to XX-large. So if you plan on catching lobster this year and you want to be protected from the suns harmful UV rays but are still fashionable then this shirt from Halocline is one to check out. Any lobster enthusiasts will love it.


Spiny Lobster Performance Shirt Is The Perfect Shirt For Rock Lobster Mini Season From Halocline.



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