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Slobberknocker Turkey Mouth Call

$ 10.99

The Slobberknocker Turkey Mouth Call from Legacy Calls Is An New Call All Hunters Must Have

The slobberknocker turkey mouth call from legacy calls is a 3-reed all prophylactic "w" cut, that is easy to run with very little air pressure. It is also great for yelping and cutting no matter the circumstance. This turkey call is the perfect all-around call that every hunter needs to be using this turkey season. This custom turkey call was the thought of Roger Petty. Roger partnered with Legacy Premium Game Calls to bring to the market this signature series and one that will help you bring in your next gobbler.

Slobberknocker Mouth Call specs:

  • 3-Reed
  • prophylactic "w" cut
  • Creates yelps, and Cutts with clucks

Get your slobberknocker turkey mouth call today from Legacy Calls and start calling in turkeys more regularly.



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