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Shrimp Cleaner | Toadfish Outfitters

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The Ultimate Shrimp Cleaner From Toadfish Outfitters Made To Help Anglers Clean Shrimp With Ease

If you have ever dealt with preparing shrimp for a meal then you know it can be a process. You have to deshell, devein, and butterfly it. Toadfish outfitters have streamlined this process to make it easier for anyone cooking. Their shrimp cleaner is a slick new seafood tool that does all 3 in one simple process. This is truly a first of its kind and a do it all device. Never again battle with peeling your fresh shrimp or having to cut out the veins. Simply use the shrimp cleaner from toadfish and with one single motion accomplish a fully cleaned shrimp. This tool is easy to use and is pretty much operator error-proof. Get the results you want with a perfect butterfly shrimp every single time. 

One of the great things about owning a toadfish outfitters product is the fact you are helping preserve the coastline. As a company, it is their initiative to build new oyster habitats to help preserve the coastal ecosystems.

Shrimp Cleaner Specs: 

  • Made From Recycled Ocean Plastics
  • Stainless Steel
  • Peels, Deveins, and Butterflies
  • Patent Pending
  • Non-slip Handle

How The Shrimp Cleaner Works:

This is a pretty simple shrimp deveiner to use. Simply insert the shrimp cleaner from toadfish outfitters right below the top of the shell. From there simply push the shrimp forward sliding it down the handle all in one motion. This will completely peel the shrimp, devein it and create the perfect butterfly cut you need for cooking. Do not forget to rinse and cook. If you have more questions simply check out the video below.




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