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Sand Fiddler Sheepshead Jigs

$ 5.99

The Sand Fiddler Sheepshead Jigs Will Help You Catch More Fish

The sand fiddler sheepshead jigs are a game-changer when sheepshead fishing. These one-of-a-kind sheepshead jigs help anglers hook more sheepshead consistently because they present the bait in the water. Sheepshead fish have a very boney mouth. This makes it extremely difficult to hook them. The swing jig style of sheepshead jig presents your bait vertical and allows for a perfect hookup every time. 

All of our sand fiddler sheepshead jigs are made in the USA by anglers for anglers. We use the best hooks on the market for sheepshead. This includes the octopus hooks and live bait hooks. We have spent countless hours fishing for sheepshead and know the sand fiddler color works. They cannot resist it. Our jigs come in a pack of 3 and are the cheapest sheepshead jig on the internet. Stop paying premium prices and start using the best sheepshead jig.

Sand Fiddler Sheepshead Jigs Specs: 

  • Color: Sand Fiddler
  • Jig Style: Swing Jig
  • Jig Weight: 1/4oz, 3/8oz, 1/2oz, and 1oz
  • Hook Size: 1/0, 2/0, and 3/0 Mustad Octopus Hook, 1/0 4x strong Live Bait Hook
  • Pack Size: 3 Jigs Per Pack

Get your sand fiddler sheepshead jigs today and be ready for your next sheepshead fishing trip.



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