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Oyster Shucking Cloth | Toadfish Outfitters

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Cut Resistant Oyster Shucking Cloth From Toadfish Outfitters Designed To Help Aid  Cleaning Oysters

Many people often will use gloves when cleaning oysters. This has been a common practice for protecting your hands from the sharp oyster shells. This does not help with drinking a beer or eating other food at an oyster roast. Toadfish outfitters wanted to do away with gloves completely and they have come out with their oyster chucking cloth that does the same function as gloves. This is a new and stylish way for opening your oysters and still being able to enjoy the party. The cut-proof, puncture resistant, antimicrobial oyster shucking cloth was designed with shellfish in mind. Stop using old rags and old gloves for shucking oysters. Shock and awe your friends with an oyster shucking cloth from toadfish outfitters today.

Oyster Shucking Cloth Specs:

  • cut-proof, puncture proof and antimicrobial properties
  • Machine washing safe
  • Protect your hands while leaving them free for other things

How To Use The Oyster Shucking Cloth: 




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