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Long Hen 3 Turkey Mouth Call

$ 10.99

The Long Hen 3 turkey mouth call from Legacy Calls is a great call to have in your toolkit.

The Long Hen 3 turkey mouth call features a batwing cut on the top reed and 2 full reeds below. It is made from 2 thin latex reed and a thicker top reed this turkey mouth call produces consistent tones with a wide array of calls. The batwing cut allows for good yelps, whistles, whines, purrs, and cuts. The Long Hen 3 produces a deeper pitch than the other Lone Hens in this series. If your a caller who runs batwing calls often then the Long Hen 3 is a must-have. This is the best sounding call 3-reed call that will get you within reaching distance of a strutter this spring.

Long Hen 3 Specs:

  • 2 thin latex reeds
  • Green latex batwing cut
  • Batwing cut
  • Versatile Call
  • Keekee Yelp/Cut
  • Softer clucks and purrs
  • Loud call
  • Experienced callers

The Long Hen 3 batwing turkey mouth call is a turkey hunter's most useful tool in the swamps.  Get yours today!



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