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Ghost White Cobia Jig

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The Ghost White Cobia Jig Is A Flashy Feathered Bucktail Jig Perfect For Cobia Fishing.

 The Ghost White Cobia Jig is made from both bucktail and custom feathers.  The white and silver colors are great for getting that monster cobia to eat. The colors simulate a flashy fast baitfish.  This color is designed for sunny days and picky Cobia fish.  The squid head is designed for casting and sight fishing for cobia.  During the Cobia Fish migration you can find large fish swimming with rays, sharks, turtles, or just swimming along on the surface.  Slowly pull close to them from the side and make a long cast with the Squid head White Cobia Jig in front and past the fish, then jig and reel in front of the fish and hang on. 

The Bugeye style head jig is designed for dropping onto wrecks where you mark cobia fish or where Cobia are known to frequent.  Make big jig pulls and bounce on wrecks and rocks then fish all the way to the surface.  Sometimes when cobia fishing the Cobia will follow the white cobia jig all the way to the boat.  Both jig head styles are in multiple sizes from 1.5oz- 3 oz and our cobia jigs are hand made in the USA!!!


Ghost White Cobia Jig Specs:

  • Size: 1 1/2oz, 2oz, 2.5oz and 3oz Cobia Jigs
  • Color: Ghost White
  • Head Style: Bugeye Bomber, Squid Head
  • Hook: SSDT 8/0 Hook 

Get your ghost white cobia jig today and be ready for your next cobia fishing adventure.



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