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Finesse Bass Fishing Jig Kits

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Our Finesse Bass Fishing Jig Kits Are The Ultimate Fishing Tackle Box For Anglers Who Love Ned Rig Fishing

Our finesse bass fishing jig kits feature the best finesse fishing jigs for catching largemouth bass. One of the best ways to catch bass is with the ned rig. This finesse style of bass fishing uses a lightweight jig head with your favorite soft plastic baits. It is a fun and exciting way of fishing your favorite areas for bass. We have taken our best finesse bass jig heads and combined them into a bass kit that is perfect for any angler. 

Each fishing kit comes with 26 jig heads of your favorite bass jigs in multiple colors and weight sizes. One of our most popular jigs at Hunting and Fishing Depot is our EWG Shroom jig heads. These are the ultimate weedless ned rig and always produce a ton of fish. Each box will contain 12 of these in three different weight sizes. The finesse bass kit also features our standup ned jigs, finesse ball jigs, EWG football jigs, and our lightwire neds. All of these finesse jig heads are perfect for finesse bass fishing. 

Finesse Bass Fishing Jig Kit Specs:


Shroom EWG Ned Jig Head

  • (4) 3/32oz EWG Shroom 
  • (4) 1/8oz  EWG Shroom
  • (4) 3/16oz  EWG Shroom

Standup Ned Jigs

  • (2) 1/8oz Standup Neds
  • (2) 3/16oz Standup Neds
  • (2) 1/4oz Standup Neds 

Lightwire Ned Rig

  • (2) 1/8oz Traditional Ned Jigs
  • (2) 1/4oz Traditional Ned Jigs

Finesse Ball Jigs

  • (2) 1/4oz Finesse Bass Jig

EWG Football Ned

  • (2) 1/2oz Football Ned Jig

Total Jigs: 26 Per Box

**Colors Will Vary According to Box Depending On What Are Best Selling Colors**

WARNING: This product can expose you to lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

Get our finesse bass fishing jig kits today and start catching more largemouth bass while finesse fishing.



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