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Coastal Kitchen Collection | Toadfish Outfitters

$ 87.99

The Coastal Kitchen Collection Is The Ultimate Seafood Kitchen Kit From Toadfish Outfitters

The Toadfish Outfitters Coastal Kitchen Collection is the ultimate seafood utensils for every anglers kitchen. These new products incorporate the stylish and innovation that anglers look for when aiding cleaning shellfish, shrimp and crab in the kitchen. New to the market the coastal kitchen collection will save time, money and energy when preparing your next exceptional seafood dinner. Toadfish Outfitters has worked countless hours on their seafood tools and have brought to market a patented item that adds fun and excitement to the kitchen. Not only will you find ease in preparing your next meal, but you also give back to the environment. Toadfish has pledged that every product they sell will replant 10 square feet of oyster beds. Bold claims but needed to help sustain the marine ecosystems. 

Coastal Kitchen Collection Specs:

- Put 'Em Back™ Oyster Knife - This fresh new style of oyster knife is perfect for anyone to use. Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles it features a sturdy grip that will help open oysters with ease. The metal oyster blade features a bent tip to help aid in opening oysters and a toadfish outfitters logo on it.

- Frogmore™ Shrimp Cleaner - This is the ultimate seafood tool for shrimp. Its stylish appearance and innovation make it truly unique. It is a first of its kind and does everything. It peels, deveins, and butterflies shrimp in one smooth motion. The end product will a perfect shrimp for cooking.

- Toadfish™ Crab Cutter - It's about time a product has come along to help you with those tricky crab legs. The days of crushing them are over. This crab cutter will cut the crab shells. No more eating small pieces of shell. This crab tool limits your mess and allows for you to eat crabs with ease. 

Get your coastal kitchen collection from toadfish outfitters today and be ready for your next meal.



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