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Croaker Recipes

Croaker recipes are perfect for this great tasting drum. Croaker is the ideal fish to target inshore with a pole and some frozen shrimp. Have the whole family entertained for a day fishing for croaker.

Croakers are an inshore species of fish that are in the drum family. They reside in waters of the Atlantic from Massachusettes to the gulf shores of Mexico. Many anglers catch them on frozen bait like shrimp. Many anglers will have luck catching croakers inshore by fishing from the beach, piers or boat. They are known by many as a panfish for saltwater. Croakers are recognized by the distinct noise they make. It sounds almost like a frog. They have strong muscles that vibrate off of their swim bladder giving off a croaking sound. Out of all the drums, they produce the loudest croak. They do not get big like their cousins the redfish; they average about 12” to 20”. A cooler full of croakers makes for one great meal. The smaller croakers do not get fillet, instead, they are beheaded, gutted and cooked whole. They produce white meat that is great in flavor.

Catching a cooler full of croakers makes for a fun day on the water. Knowing the perfect croaker recipe makes for a great dinner. We have collected the recipes we have heard from anglers over the years. We can bring you the best croaker recipes on the internet, ones that are guaranteed to make you want more. We have made, tried and loved all of our croaker recipes. You will enjoy catching and cooking croaker. No matter if you're going to grill it, bake it, fry it, or cook the whole fish, we have a recipe for you. Impress your friends and family with one of our croaker recipes. We hope that you will try one of our croaker recipes today.



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