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Trolling Reels

Best Trolling Reels For Your Offshore Fishing Adventures

Trolling reels, also called conventional reels, are the go-to fishing reel for offshore fishing anglers. They are very similar to a baitcasting reel, but much more extensive and geared for catching pelagic fish. When offshore trolling, it is critical to have higher line capacity and stronger drag for the species of fish they catch. Several features that set them apart besides their larger frames are spool release levers, star drags, and large paddle handles. All trolling reels and bottom reels feature a bait clicker alarm, which alarms the angler when a fish is hooked and provides a little tension when free spoiling. Many times, anglers will be trolling, and the first sign of a fish hook up is the clicker sound of line screaming off the reel. Another great feature of most smaller trolling rods is the level-wind system. This system moves back and forth on the spool laying the fishing line on the reel evenly. The larger reels do not have this feature because of how fast the line is removed from the reels when a large wahoo or tuna strikes. Many of your larger reels also have built-in counters for knowing how much line you have on the reel when fighting billfish. This allows offshore anglers to send baits to specific depths to help catch fish. When deep diving and bottom fishing at deep depths, it is essential to do your research dive charts to use the right lures to catch the right fish. Many of your bottom reels are smaller and often have plastic or composite spools, which are great for fishing with monofilament or braided fishing lines. When using these smaller trolling reels, it is recommended to put them on a jigging rod or small bottom fishing rod. If you are using a larger trolling reel, then put it on your biggest yet compatible trolling rods. The last thing you want is a rod breaking while trying to land a fish.

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